Apr 24


Pouring Buckets

April and Spring along with it has arrived at the Blackstone Academy Campus in beautiful Providence Rhode Island. Which can only mean one thing… School vacation week! Well yes, but also it means… Longer days, flowers, everything turning green! All true, but I was more thinking about all the rain, haha. Which at the moment has trapped August inside the library after an evening of studying for a massive history test that he has coming up! Should he make a run for it and attempt getting back to his dorm room without being completely soaked? Or is there perhaps another way…

This comic was inspired by my recent trip to the library on a dark and stormy night where it was an absolute deluge out (go figure!). And I was hosting a comic making workshop for kids and talking about the first ‘Adventures of August Winter’ book, so it all seemed very fitting, haha. Event went fantastic though and the people that braved the elements to come down were awesome and you should have seen the comics that the kids made. The creativity was so inspiring and they were all different and unique with their style and approach.

There was stories about tomatoes, octopus, space ships, Big Hero 6, gerbils, possums, land sharks, all kinds of super brilliant ideas. Had such a good time and I want to give some serious props to all the young comic artists out there, you all totally inspired me! And this weeks comic is the finished version of the work in progress piece I showed on Monday night at the library. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment and let me know what you think and if you’ve ever worn a garbage bag rain poncho. I know I certainly have, haha.


Jun 24


A True Likeness

New technology is always exciting. And there is of course that grace period where you carry it around everywhere and take photographs of your breakfast? Wait, what?? Haha, has Grant lost his mind? Or has he finally found the perfect subject for his artistic vision? I don’t know, but our goofy friends August and Grant are clearly getting a lot out of their Summer vacation thus far, haha.

More of the kind of randomness that you can expect from the Adventures of August Winter. I’d kind of like to see how the rest of Grant’s photos came out actually! If I was still doing the comic in flash I would have had it scrolling through a whole bunch of images at the end. Like first you see the main picture, then some scrambled eggs, then some bacon maybe, haha. A portrait of some cantaloupe, this whole series of breakfast foods really. That would have been great! Picture it in your mind at least when you’re reading it, haha. Thanks for stopping by the website!

Jun 13



August and Grant step away from the familiar Blackstone Academy Campus to spend some time at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston. Shortly after arriving on a top notch June day they get caught up in new student Orientation. Will these High School Freshmen leave the academy to propel their academic careers to the undergraduate level? Was this all just a ruse to get free pizza?? And what is the SEC??? Only time will tell!

Bit of a departure this week, for both the comic as well as August and Grant. Is a fun edition though and highlights a bit more of the state of Rhode Island. Which I intend to do more with the comic strip in the coming months. Also want to give some encouragement to the class of 2018 that is landing at colleges and universities all over the country. The beginnings can be difficult as you branch out to a whole new environment. Give it some time and find your own space in this new world in front of you. Follow your strengths, you’ll get there. And definitely enjoy this Summer! ~ CS

May 25


If I Were King

Whoa, what’s this???! A new Adventures of August Winter comic, that’s what! haha. Happy to signal the return of the comic here in the year 2014. August, Grant, and Shelby are back and in glorious fashion pondering what it might be like to be king! Ah to be king, what would you do if you were royalty? Or should you already be royalty, please regale (not sure if I’m using that word right, haha) us with tales of your great deeds!

For new readers, welcome to the comic! For the faithful, welcome back! You may have noticed the comic looks a bit different. I’m trying out a classic format that doesn’t involve using Flash. As there was a lot of feedback that people weren’t able to see the comic on their mobile devices due to the lack of flash support. Thus the new look, which I hope will allow everyone to enjoy the comic. Though sadly there is no longer any buttons to click. But maybe I’ll figure out a way around that. We’ll see! Never fear fair readers, the goofiness shall continue! [Also, no need to squint, you can click on the image to see a larger version of the comic!!] Enjoy, and as always I welcome any and all comments, retorts, challenges (err, not so much), and fanfare. So feel free to comment below. Thanks! ~ CS

Apr 03


We are writing today to inform you…

Maybe it is just me, but doesn’t it always seems that when you receive a ‘form letter’ it is to deliver bad news? Right? Oh you applied for something and didn’t get it? Form Letter. Your bank account has been overdrawn and you have been penalized for it? Form Letter. Ask a girl out and she doesn’t want to date you? Form Letter. Haha, okay I ‘may’ have made that last one up! Still you get the point! So what do you think would happen if August and Grant received such a letter regarding the Adventures of August Winter?? Let’s find out!

Regrettably it is in fact the case that the Adventures of August Winter is on hiatus. Temporarily!! I can’t stress that point enough. Have a lot of projects in production at the moment and time has become short for work on the comic. It by no means is going away and I will certainly be returning to the campus of Blackstone Academy to see what is transpiring there! Just at the moment and for the next few months there won’t be weekly editions to enjoy.

That said, thank you so much to everyone who has read the comic and been so supportive! Hugely appreciative of that and will absolutely remain fired up to continue creative pursuits. You all keep me motivated and inspired. Stay awesome, stay you!

~ CS

Jan 18


No way I’m going

Walking down an isolated road at night in the middle of a snow storm may sound dangerous. And it is!! But it is also a great way to start off this week’s edition of the Adventures of August Winter! What could the guys possibly be doing? Despite the potential for pending disaster, it is still a rather beautiful looking scene with the majesty of nature there and the falling snow. Could looks be deceiving or is the bottom about the fall out for these two???!

On to the one hundred and first entry and still going strong! [Spoiler warning] Has to be said, don’t try any of this stuff at home kids! Hitch hiking is not recommended, nor is exceeding the posted speed limits in an automobile. Just had to put that out there in case anyone was wondering what my take on the matter was! (Which was probably nobody, haha). Can say this entry was inspired by the scenic (and freezing!) wintry weather we’ve been having here in Rhode Island lately. Question for you, would you have made the same decision that August and Grant did?

Jan 11


Blanket Barons

‘Adventure Time’ references, reddit, tons of cameos, what is going on with the Adventures of August Winter?? I’ll tell you what’s going on, it’s the 100th edition super extravaganza, haha. Last time August and Grant were talking about forming a band and well, the time has come! But they need to find a couple more people, start rehearsing, maybe play a gig. And then is that when they can officially consider themselves musicians and in a band? How does that work?

Tons of people to thank for all the encouragement and enthusiasm for the Adventures of August Winter over the last 99 editions. And I really have been so inspired and thankful for it. Has been a lot of fun and I hope to keep getting better and better at every aspect of the creative process. Hope you enjoy the 100th edition of the comic and definitely let me know what you think!

Jan 04


Air Guitar Heroes

Grant is providing a brilliant air guitar solo to kick off the latest edition of the Adventures of August Winter! And… guess what, August has returned! Looks like he is hungry too, haha. [spoilers] And is enjoying a hot chocolate to go with his doughnut. (Wish I had a hot chocolate and a doughnut right now, haha) Grant though clearly is into his music there and is enjoying the role of rock god, if even temporarily.

Ah, but could it be only temporary, or is there greater untapped potential here that we aren’t even possibly aware of? Guess you’ll have to read the comic and find out! I for one would like to pose the same question to you fair reader that Grant poses at the end of this week’s comic. [Spoiler warning again!] What should August and Grant’s band be called??? Anybody have a good one? Or even a bad band name?

Dec 28



Time for a fireside chat as Grant (naturally as August’s best friend and roommate) has been fielding a lot of questions about August’s recent absence. Since he hasn’t been seen around campus and speculation as to why that is has been rampant across Blackstone Academy. The real reason remains elusive and ultimately a mystery from everyone save August himself. But maybe, just maybe Grant has some insight into what it could be. Curious to know? Proceed forward brave reader into the world of the Adventures of August Winter!

Believe unless I am very much mistaken I think this is the first time that Grant has addressed an audience personally. So somewhat of a momentous edition here! As he has had to step things up in August’s absence. Could he be addressing a crowd of Freshmen gathered in the first year’s dorms? Or is he talking directly to you fair reader?? And what do you think is going on with August? I know he was sick from what everyone was saying last time. But is he still sick or is something else going on? Do you think Humboldt had some really severe punishment that pushed him over the edge?

Dec 21



It’s been going around school. August is the latest victim. No, not a vicious rumor about smelly tennis shoes or a failed pop geology quiz. Something much much worse. Thats right. The flu! The dreaded flu! haha. Oh but its no laughing matter, well, except maybe in cartoon form. As the only adventure taking place in the world of August Winter lately has been gambling on how many hours he can sleep consecutively.

Coincidentally I too have been rather sick (shocking I know!) and I decided to power through to make sure some comic goodness (debatable this week, hahaha) made it to the internets out of the Adventures of August Winter. Before the strike of midnight tonight. So my friends, thank you for sticking with me, hope everyone has/had a great holiday and I will try and post another comic again asap!! Cheers to all!

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