Jan 04


Air Guitar Heroes

Grant is providing a brilliant air guitar solo to kick off the latest edition of the Adventures of August Winter! And… guess what, August has returned! Looks like he is hungry too, haha. [spoilers] And is enjoying a hot chocolate to go with his doughnut. (Wish I had a hot chocolate and a doughnut right now, haha) Grant though clearly is into his music there and is enjoying the role of rock god, if even temporarily.

Ah, but could it be only temporary, or is there greater untapped potential here that we aren’t even possibly aware of? Guess you’ll have to read the comic and find out! I for one would like to pose the same question to you fair reader that Grant poses at the end of this week’s comic. [Spoiler warning again!] What should August and Grant’s band be called??? Anybody have a good one? Or even a bad band name?


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  1. Natalie

    Yes!! Starting a band sounds like so much fun, I’ve been trying to do that for YEARS, lol. Although, I know the Narragansett Library crew had a pretty good rehearsal around Christmas time…

    I’ve always loved the 60s girl group band names, such as:
    The Puppets
    The Debutantes
    The Continental Co-ets
    The Supremes
    etc. etc.

    As for August and Grant’s band, perhaps “Milk and Doughnuts” would be appropriate, or “The Doughnuts,” or “Pizza Gods.” LOL

    Can’t wait to hear some live recordings!

    1. CS

      Natalie! I hear you on that, to get the right crew and balance of personalities to form a successful band must be crazy challenging! Certainly worth attempting though, haha. And I am curious to see how it plays out for our friends at Blackstone Academy. Really wonder about their band name, as that is key, haha. ‘Pizza Gods’ does have a nice sound to it (wonder if someone has started a pizzeria by that name?? If not, they should!). And there is the undeniable association of the guys love for doughnuts that has a lot of merit. Wonder what they’ll choose?? Hmm!

      ‘The Supremes’, yeah, totally! I tend to favor short band names, that are one or two words or utilize a person’s name. Some of my favorite all time names for groups that come to mind this second are ‘Ministry of Sound’, ‘Nirvana’, ‘Interpol’, ‘Orbital’, etc. And there are many others, of course :)

      I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard from August and Grant on the subject of their musical aspirations! Thanks so much for commenting, cheers!!
      ~ CS

  2. Merrilyn

    Natalie I’ll be in your band!! haha. Hot sure what I can do, maybe I can be a backup dancer :) . Or maybe August and Grant will let us in their band haha.

    Band Names:

    Straight’n Narrow
    Pendulum (if it was a swing band!)
    Cluster Nutz (my personal fav!)

    ..I’d better quit now this is too much fun haha

    Rock on ;)

    1. CS

      You’re on fire with all those band names! My personal fav is Counterclockwise, that is tops for me. Could really see that taking off! Had you ever considered being in a band before yourself??!

      Rock on M!

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