Jan 11


Blanket Barons

‘Adventure Time’ references, reddit, tons of cameos, what is going on with the Adventures of August Winter?? I’ll tell you what’s going on, it’s the 100th edition super extravaganza, haha. Last time August and Grant were talking about forming a band and well, the time has come! But they need to find a couple more people, start rehearsing, maybe play a gig. And then is that when they can officially consider themselves musicians and in a band? How does that work?

Tons of people to thank for all the encouragement and enthusiasm for the Adventures of August Winter over the last 99 editions. And I really have been so inspired and thankful for it. Has been a lot of fun and I hope to keep getting better and better at every aspect of the creative process. Hope you enjoy the 100th edition of the comic and definitely let me know what you think!


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  1. Natalie

    Blanket Barons! yeeeooww! hehe and the best part is that each band member wears a blanket cape! I am so happy that they were determined and persistent in making their band collaborate, practice, and formulate a successful gig! This could definitely become a regular August Winter adventure as the fan base can only progress, I have a good feeling about this one!! =D

    I recognize the girl with the puppy. Wasn’t her golden retriever a puppy the last time we saw her? Maybe she got another one, hmm? lol ;)

    And, how funny that someone would suggest that Irish step dancing be at a rock and roll concert. Where she got that idea I have nooo idea? Maybe she’s Irish? Idk. hahahaha.

    Good laughs and smiles all around on this incredible 100th edition. I absolutely love it and cannot believe so much time has gone by where August’s adventures are still very real, alive and I can’t wait for another 100!!

    Thank you, CS!!!!
    xo, NCC

    1. CS

      Oh, there is absolutely room for Irish Step Dancing at a rock show! August clearly doesn’t know what he is missing with that, haha. Next thing you know the Blanket Barons will be touring with Riverdance or something, hahaha. And the rest will be history :) I’d like to hear some more noise out of the Blanket Barons as well! Maybe they’ll hit up the festival scene this Summer, haha.

      Yes there does seem to be two goldens now, they are multiplying and I for one think it is a great thing!

      Hard to believe that this all started 100 editions ago. I’d say the guys have come a long way since they went sledding down the dorm stairs… but… they are largely the same as they always were, haha. May they never ‘grow up’!

      Do you think it would take off if I started wearing a blanket cape around in my everyday life? haha. Thanks so much for posting Natty C!

      ~ CS

  2. Natalie

    OMG!! AAAAND I just spotted the MOOSE, yes!! He lives!! =P

    1. CS

      Couldn’t have a 100th edition without Mr. Moose :) Never know when or where he might pop up, haha.

  3. Merrilyn

    Wow, episode 100!! That is amazing I can’t believe it’s been 100 already.

    What a great way to celebrate too with the guys forming a band! You’ll have to add an original soundtrack to the comic next time :) . I want to know what happened to the poor guy who was left draped against the door haha. Grant does a mean guitar solo :) .

    I recognize the girl with the Golden retriever (s!) too Natalie! And the Irish Step Dancing chic as well haha.

    These guys have become part of my week, thank you for sharing them with us and for sharing your talents to brighten our days.

    1. CS

      Oh I only wish I could have put out an original soundtrack to go with this for the Blanket Barons! That would have been incredible. Maybe if they go on tour that can happen :) Rocking out in the cafeteria is likely only beginning for these caped guitar heroes, haha. With copious amounts of guitar solos for Grant of course!

      100 episodes though, it has happened, very happy you chose to come along for the ride and see what those crazy kids at Blackstone Academy have been up to each week! Oh and there is certainly more to come, oh yes! Glad you have enjoyed them and that they have helped brighten your days. When it comes to fart jokes, misunderstandings, and pranks these guys know a thing or two!

      Stay awesome!
      ~ CS

  4. Aaron

    Rock on Chris.

    1. CS

      Many thanks Aaron! And that I can do :) haha.

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