Jan 18


No way I’m going

Walking down an isolated road at night in the middle of a snow storm may sound dangerous. And it is!! But it is also a great way to start off this week’s edition of the Adventures of August Winter! What could the guys possibly be doing? Despite the potential for pending disaster, it is still a rather beautiful looking scene with the majesty of nature there and the falling snow. Could looks be deceiving or is the bottom about the fall out for these two???!

On to the one hundred and first entry and still going strong! [Spoiler warning] Has to be said, don’t try any of this stuff at home kids! Hitch hiking is not recommended, nor is exceeding the posted speed limits in an automobile. Just had to put that out there in case anyone was wondering what my take on the matter was! (Which was probably nobody, haha). Can say this entry was inspired by the scenic (and freezing!) wintry weather we’ve been having here in Rhode Island lately. Question for you, would you have made the same decision that August and Grant did?


  1. Merrilyn

    Wait what!? Where are the parents of these boys?? Where is campus security?? Walking in the dark along a country road in a snowstorm?? If those were my kids they would be grounded for a month haha.

    However, I get it because I used to do the same type of stuff haha. Because if you don’t do it when you are young then most likely you won’t get the opportunity right? Think if I saw an ambulance then yes I would hitch a ride but probably not from anyone else. Unless I somehow happened upon team lifeguard from Nar beach ;) .

    Those boys really need to study more hahaha. Great comic, nice to see there are more coming after the epic 100th edition!

    1. CS

      Security, parents, both elements that don’t tend to lend themselves well to stories of great adventure :) Though lets be clear, I’m sure there was more than one moment in this particularly lonely walk along that they would have been glad to see either! Yet it wasn’t the family mini-van that came towards them out of the night. Oh no, it was an off duty ambulance that was the source of their salvation from the elements!

      I’m sure it was plenty cold out there and I have to give some special props to the ambulance driver for having complete command of his vehicle. I mean to make a speed run like that, given those conditions… wow, just wow. And he likely taught August and Grant a valuable lesson in the process. And it wasn’t how to bank around a turn at 85 miles an hour in blizzard conditions. (They did pick up on that too! haha).

      Thanks for reading and the comment M!!

      ~ CS

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