Apr 03


We are writing today to inform you…

Maybe it is just me, but doesn’t it always seems that when you receive a ‘form letter’ it is to deliver bad news? Right? Oh you applied for something and didn’t get it? Form Letter. Your bank account has been overdrawn and you have been penalized for it? Form Letter. Ask a girl out and she doesn’t want to date you? Form Letter. Haha, okay I ‘may’ have made that last one up! Still you get the point! So what do you think would happen if August and Grant received such a letter regarding the Adventures of August Winter?? Let’s find out!

Regrettably it is in fact the case that the Adventures of August Winter is on hiatus. Temporarily!! I can’t stress that point enough. Have a lot of projects in production at the moment and time has become short for work on the comic. It by no means is going away and I will certainly be returning to the campus of Blackstone Academy to see what is transpiring there! Just at the moment and for the next few months there won’t be weekly editions to enjoy.

That said, thank you so much to everyone who has read the comic and been so supportive! Hugely appreciative of that and will absolutely remain fired up to continue creative pursuits. You all keep me motivated and inspired. Stay awesome, stay you!

~ CS


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  1. Merrilyn

    Totally agreed that form letters are so annoying- thankfully no one has every informed me that they didn’t want to go out with me through one though, that is usually reserved for a text or email hahaha.

    Very happy to hear that you have so many projects in the works, but sad about August Winter taking a temporary vacation. I have loved reading them every week. Your comics and story lines have touched your readers in many ways and your talent and dedication is inspiring. August Winter gave me a big smile every Friday morning, and I know I am not the only one, so thank you for creating him and his wonderful world :) Happy he will be returning though and will very much look forward to it!

    Keep on keeping on :) -M

    1. CS

      Hey, thank YOU for reading them all!! And not to worry, August and Grant surely will be back one day. Have made a lot of progress on the side-projects that I’m doing. Plus I really really want to finish the first Adventures of August Winter book as that is a much larger storyline for them to get into even bigger trouble in :)

      Can happily report that I have indeed been keeping on keeping on, haha.

      ~ CS

  2. Natalie

    Is that a doughnut in Grant’s hand I see!? ooohh my mouth is watering! I remember discussing our favorite flavors earlier in the August Winter Adventure series, and I can’t place which flavor I mentioned, mainly because I tend to change my mind, there are just way too many options! hahaha. I am very sad to see my friends go on a hiatus, but like all great geniuses of our time, it is necessary to take a step back, and come back to the project fully refreshed. I admire that you’re able to see the necessity of this and put your energy into other projects for now. I’ll be here when you get back ;)

    1. CS

      Oh it absolutely is a donut! Of which I’m really hungry right now so I could go for one. Checked back and you originally said that Honey Glazed was your top favored doughnut. But! I had remembered you saying that Apple Cider is also top tier on the list :)

      Might have to do a blind test and put both in front of you and see which you go with, hmm??!!

      Hiatus will hopefully not be that much longer. Have made a lot of progress on the outside work I’m doing. So there is the potential for a seasonal switch back towards the Adventures of August Winter. That is what I’m looking forward to at least.

      Might need to make a comic with a guy hanging out of a pickup truck and rockin’ a different type of donuts, haha. Thanks for posting Natty C! Stay cool!
      ~ CS

      1. Natalie

        Ah, yes! HONEY GLAZED, and APPLE CIDER. Most definitely my two top tier dougnuts lol! Thank you for the refresher, I feel much better now haha. My friend Josh would absolutely love it if you made a comic strip out of his video, let me know if you want me to send it to you for further inspiration. It truly is an amazing video and it takes a lot of confidence to do something like that and definitely cannot have any fear. He said that when he does things like this that there is no preparation, that it almost comes naturally to him and that he doesn’t think about it and just does it. It is sort of people who have a musical talent or comic (eh hem! ;) ) talent. I love the parking job video also. There are so much more that I have to show you! I got together with him this weekend, he is living in Maryland and he was going to take me out for a spin (quite, literally) in the truck, but he had a flat tire! haha. I can’t wait for more adventures and I will be eagerly awaiting to see if August and Grant come across a young man in a black cowboy hat ;) Thanks, Chris!! So good to hear from you! Love, Nat

        1. CS

          Hmm! You have given me A LOT of good ideas here Natty C! hahaha. Those videos you showed me were incredible, and there is MORE you say?!?!?!?! Show me please! haha. Suppose we all have our gifts, even if it is hard to figure them out sometimes! Bummer he had a flat tire, as I’m sure he could have given you a taste of a different type of donut altogether there!

          Definitely looking to have some more adventures for our friends at Blackstone Academy. Have been making a lot of progress on the other side projects I’m doing so maybe in the next couple months I’ll be able to get back to campus.

          Great post, thank you! And I am going to give the nod to Apple Cider, they are amazing!

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