May 25


If I Were King

Whoa, what’s this???! A new Adventures of August Winter comic, that’s what! haha. Happy to signal the return of the comic here in the year 2014. August, Grant, and Shelby are back and in glorious fashion pondering what it might be like to be king! Ah to be king, what would you do if you were royalty? Or should you already be royalty, please regale (not sure if I’m using that word right, haha) us with tales of your great deeds!

For new readers, welcome to the comic! For the faithful, welcome back! You may have noticed the comic looks a bit different. I’m trying out a classic format that doesn’t involve using Flash. As there was a lot of feedback that people weren’t able to see the comic on their mobile devices due to the lack of flash support. Thus the new look, which I hope will allow everyone to enjoy the comic. Though sadly there is no longer any buttons to click. But maybe I’ll figure out a way around that. We’ll see! Never fear fair readers, the goofiness shall continue! [Also, no need to squint, you can click on the image to see a larger version of the comic!!] Enjoy, and as always I welcome any and all comments, retorts, challenges (err, not so much), and fanfare. So feel free to comment below. Thanks! ~ CS


  1. Rose

    Wonderful to see August, Grant and Shelby again! I’ve missed those guys. It is so neat to be able to see them on my iPad. If I were king I would encourage everyone to take time out of his or her busy week to enjoy being with friends and family. Congratulations on the new generation of comics!

    1. CS

      The guys are back! Thank you very much for the warm response and welcome! Sure they have plenty of new trouble to get into over the coming weeks and months, haha. I’m going to give the new format a go and see how it works out for everyone. Already thinking of tweaking it a tiny bit. Not certain though.

      Did have tablet and phone users in mind though with the switch to a traditional comic strip format. Could you see it fine on the standard page with a zoom in or did you click on the image to go to the larger version and then see it that way?

      Much appreciate the comment as always :)

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