Jun 13



August and Grant step away from the familiar Blackstone Academy Campus to spend some time at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston. Shortly after arriving on a top notch June day they get caught up in new student Orientation. Will these High School Freshmen leave the academy to propel their academic careers to the undergraduate level? Was this all just a ruse to get free pizza?? And what is the SEC??? Only time will tell!

Bit of a departure this week, for both the comic as well as August and Grant. Is a fun edition though and highlights a bit more of the state of Rhode Island. Which I intend to do more with the comic strip in the coming months. Also want to give some encouragement to the class of 2018 that is landing at colleges and universities all over the country. The beginnings can be difficult as you branch out to a whole new environment. Give it some time and find your own space in this new world in front of you. Follow your strengths, you’ll get there. And definitely enjoy this Summer! ~ CS

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