Jun 24


A True Likeness

New technology is always exciting. And there is of course that grace period where you carry it around everywhere and take photographs of your breakfast? Wait, what?? Haha, has Grant lost his mind? Or has he finally found the perfect subject for his artistic vision? I don’t know, but our goofy friends August and Grant are clearly getting a lot out of their Summer vacation thus far, haha.

More of the kind of randomness that you can expect from the Adventures of August Winter. I’d kind of like to see how the rest of Grant’s photos came out actually! If I was still doing the comic in flash I would have had it scrolling through a whole bunch of images at the end. Like first you see the main picture, then some scrambled eggs, then some bacon maybe, haha. A portrait of some cantaloupe, this whole series of breakfast foods really. That would have been great! Picture it in your mind at least when you’re reading it, haha. Thanks for stopping by the website!


  1. Merrilyn

    Really like the idea of having a bunch of pictures to scroll through that would be fun- sort of like a scrapbook. Like the theme for this comic as well, August looks like he ate something pretty awful there! People make a lot of money with food photo’s, maybe this is a start of something big for Grant?

    Very happy to see the comic back, hope the boys have a great summer break. The new format is really easy to read and it pops up right on my phone now which is awesome.

    1. CS

      Thanks Merrilyn! I’m sure the rest of those breakfast photos included glorious scrambled eggs, toast drenched with jelly, French toasts piled high on the plate, layers of pancakes, sausages, and maybe even some donuts (Grant’s favorite!). Sort of harkens back to one of the first comics where they are playing with their food.

      How awesome would it be if Grant grew up to become a famous food photographer, haha.

      Do have some other ideas for new editions of the comic so there will be more coming. Very much appreciate the comment and I’m glad you liked this edition! Happy breakfasting!
      ~ CS

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