Apr 24


Pouring Buckets

April and Spring along with it has arrived at the Blackstone Academy Campus in beautiful Providence Rhode Island. Which can only mean one thing… School vacation week! Well yes, but also it means… Longer days, flowers, everything turning green! All true, but I was more thinking about all the rain, haha. Which at the moment has trapped August inside the library after an evening of studying for a massive history test that he has coming up! Should he make a run for it and attempt getting back to his dorm room without being completely soaked? Or is there perhaps another way…

This comic was inspired by my recent trip to the library on a dark and stormy night where it was an absolute deluge out (go figure!). And I was hosting a comic making workshop for kids and talking about the first ‘Adventures of August Winter’ book, so it all seemed very fitting, haha. Event went fantastic though and the people that braved the elements to come down were awesome and you should have seen the comics that the kids made. The creativity was so inspiring and they were all different and unique with their style and approach.

There was stories about tomatoes, octopus, space ships, Big Hero 6, gerbils, possums, land sharks, all kinds of super brilliant ideas. Had such a good time and I want to give some serious props to all the young comic artists out there, you all totally inspired me! And this weeks comic is the finished version of the work in progress piece I showed on Monday night at the library. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment and let me know what you think and if you’ve ever worn a garbage bag rain poncho. I know I certainly have, haha.


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