Jun 17


CRI: Coastal Resources Investigator

Who stands up against corruption, pollution, and environmental degradation? CRI: Coastal Resources Investigators, that’s who!!! Highly trained, motivated, and determined individuals out to protect the world from the clutches of greed and devious plans! It’s a special edition of The Adventures of August Winter this week as we are first taken thousands of miles away to the beautiful coastline of Tanzania!

Very appreciative of all the new viewers and visitors to the website here! Feels like the comic is picking up steam. And last week we had our first co-produced comic with one of the Adventures of August Winter’s fans! Have some new updates in the works for the website here and welcome all suggestions for ideas for the site and what people would like to see in the future! Thank you again for stopping by and leave me a comment if you like this week’s entry! Cheers!


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  1. Rose

    What a wonderful Father’s Day tribute to a great guy! I can hear The Who’s Pete Townshend’s “Who Are You” with Roger Daltrey’s vocals in the background. So much fun. Bravo!

    1. CS

      Thank you! Going to have to look that song up on youtube and revisit it in honor of this post :) Once I came up with the idea I knew I had to do it and it was tough keeping it under wraps all week leading up to the big reveal today!

      Very proud of my dad!

  2. Elin

    Nice cartoon. Dr Rogue — great name. I think we need more installments to this cartoon!

    1. CS

      “On the next episode of CRI: Tanzania…” Haha, thanks Elin!! This entry could have easily been two or three times longer as the subject is ripe with material! Had a lot of fun coming up with that name, “Dr. Donald Rogue Jr is one bad G” could be the tagline :) As if you do a simple substitution there… haha.

      Will certainly revisit the Coastal Resources Investigator in future episodes, especially if people really like it! Really happy you posted and liked the cartoon, have a great weekend and happy early Father’s day to Bruno!

  3. Don

    Thanks, CS. I don’t know what to say. No other Dad in the world is getting special treatment like this.

    Although we really want to punch out the bad guys messing up people’s livelihoods by destroying the coast, our job is to help folks in Tanzania and elsewhere not be bullied and gain the capacity to take care of things on their own.


    1. CS

      Well said :) And wherever there is a fragile coastline ecosystem in peril, Dr. Donald Rogue Jr will be there!

  4. Merrilyn

    Your dad is really lucky to have such a creative thoughtful son :) .

    1. CS

      Haha, he sure is :) Even if I sometimes blindside him with surprises like this. He’s a good sport and has years of practice with this stuff, haha. Thanks for the compliment and the post Merrilyn!!

  5. Jocuri cu Batman

    Hello, how are you? I hope you do well. I wanted to say that I like CRI: Coastal Resources Investigator & wavegardenarts.com.

    1. CS

      Doing well absolutely! You’re in very good company as a lot of people seem to really like the Coastal Resources Investigator, Dr. Donald Rogue! haha. Those are some of my favorite editions to put together as having it be part of the ‘CRI’ series with the world of August Winter I can set the comic in a completely different place than normal.

      I’m sure we’ll see more of the Coastal Resources Investigator in the future! Thanks for posting! Peace!

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