Aug 26


Crayon Eagle

Quite the scenic view of the Blackstone Academy campus here! Can see all the way across the river to East Providence! Preparations for launch are complete? What launch??? Aerodynamics are tested in this week’s edition of the ‘Adventures of August Winter’. Does this mean everything worked out with the great snack hunt from last time? Hope so!

Terrific reception for last week’s comic and some of the funnest comments yet :) Kind of curious if it sparked any actual snack hunting in the past week? haha. I’ve made a couple snack runs myself as after reading everyone’s responses I was mighty hungry! Also want to welcome all the readers from the Ukraine! As recently the Ukraine has moved up into second place for this month’s readership. Huge thank you and to all viewing from overseas feel free to comment or drop me an email at chris@wavegardenarts.com as I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Adventures of August Winter! Thank you again for visiting the site, cheers to all!


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  1. MJ Izzo

    It was like watching an eagle soaring over the earth.Caught by surprise in the end,but now I am seeing there is no end to your talent. I remember calling them paper airplanes and sitting in a classroom getting hit in the back of the head,and wanting so desperately to get up and clobber someone.haha.I remember making them with the boys,at times we would buy the ones you but together,but they never did work as well as the paper ones.One of my son’s favorite past time was spit balls,I would get a few phone calls from his teachers about that I’m afraid. August Adventures bring back some memorable times I must say .Refreshing!
    Snack hunting,yes,unfortunately I have not stop eating and nothing good to snack on, most likely stuck in for a few with Irene.I will have find something else to occupy myself besides snacking!(which is a good thing)
    Thanks for the adventure and that it was.

    1. CS

      I’m running a bit light on good snacks too, haha. Need this storm to pass ASAP! :) Made a few custom paper airplanes in school in my time, haha. I think it was sixth grade when I made one that was like two feet long if you can believe it! Completely agree that the paper ones were far superior to the packs you’d buy at the store. Like your son I totally would get them too. They had great packaging that made them look like WWII fighter jets and stuff. Then you take them out of the packaging and its made out of styrofoam with a propeller that would stay on for about two seconds, haha. Better to stick with the tried and true real deal!

      As for the students in the classroom, I’m sure you were MORE than justified in wanting to clobber a few of your classmates, haha. Laughing thinking of you hearing from teachers about spit ball incidents, haha. In my school the guys would like to make these mini paper footballs and try and play desktop football with them. Those seemed to irk the teachers quite a bit and I’m sure calls were made! Try to keep August and Grant on the right side of mischief as I don’t want them to set a bad example! Its a fine line to cross, but their mischief is always meant to be well intentioned.

      More adventures to come soon MJ!
      ~ CS

  2. Merrilyn

    Ooooh! You have left us with a mystery this time! It’s a good thing they launched that plane yesterday because if they had done it tonight or tomorrow it could have been blown all the way to the Ukraine for all of your new readers to investigate haha :) .

    I love the flying plane animation! That is very cool, and I also really liked how you referenced the last comic in this one, it gives it a bit of continuity. Really curious to see where it actually does land ! Great job :)

    1. CS

      Haha, you’re right about it being good they launched it yesterday :) Though flying it all the way to Ukraine would be one for the record books!! Sort of like a message in a bottle, wandering off into the great unknown! With hurricane conditions I doubt (though I wouldn’t put it past them!) to be up on top of the administration building trying to launch paper airplanes, haha. Getting pummeled by rain and wind with all kinds of palm trees flying around them!

      The flying animation part was a lot of fun to see come together after I envisioned it in my mind. Since I usually draw everything by hand, but with that I drew the plane by hand and then drew the ground/background on the computer. Like to throw in some surprises in these comics and that was the big reveal for this week :) Assumed that people would want to know what happened at the end of the snack hunt so I tried to sneak that dialogue in there as well. Does seem like we have another multi-parter mystery on our hands though!! Wheels are turning on this already!

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