Sep 23


No Regrets!

By popular demand, this week we have the exciting return of, the one, the only, Dr. Donald Rogue Jr! Coastal Resources Investigator extraordinaire! He is making his second appearance on the Adventures of August Winter and I couldn’t wait to get this edition out there! He’s a man on a mission to protect the world’s precious ecosystems and biological diversity one coastal area at a time! Where do we find him this week? On the brink, plotting his next move in the ever-intriguing city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania! Episode… begin!

Received so much positive feedback to the initial recounting of the exploits of TV’s own CRI: star Dr. Donald Rogue Jr, that we absolutely had to bring him back! In his honor I’ve added a new sub-category (see menu bar to the right) of the comic specifically for the Coastal Resources Investigator as this won’t be the last we seem of him and his heroic deeds, oh no! Haha. Want to thank everyone who has posted and followed the comic. As always feel free to leave messages as I love to hear any thoughts people have, how they found the comic, and/or where globally they are reading it from. Rock on my friends!

PS: I also added a new message from Dr. Donald Rogue Jr. himself to the website, can you find it? :)


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  1. Stephen

    Win + Awesome. :D

    1. CS

      Haha, thanks Stephen :) These Dr. Donald Rogue Jr. Coastal Resources Investigator editions are so much fun to make! Only hard part is wrapping them up as they could go on and on with his exploits!! The man is on a mission, no doubt about it!

      Loved your comic about Annie, that has to be framed and put up in your home office :)

      Thanks so much for posting! Cheers!

  2. Merrilyn

    Yay, it’s the return of Dr. Rogue!! You outdid yourself with the artwork on this one too ;) . Love how he crashed through the wall with his feet, what are those buildings in Tanzania made out of anyway haha.

    I very much admire Dr. Rogue’s efforts and work I hope he keeps making guest appearances- you really could make a whole comic just about him! Maybe later on when you have some extra time haha ;)

    1. CS

      Did put in some extra time with the artwork on this one as wide shots like the opening one have so many possibilities :) Haha, got me smiling over here with your question about what the building are made of there! He crashed through a window, I should have put some reflective qualities or glare on the surface to make it look more like glass :) Even still, I think he is lucky to have survived that swing into the building, let alone land on two feet. As it would have been so easy to misjudge the distance and not hit the window and hit the concrete part, ouch!

      I’d like to see some more guest appearances by Coastal Resources Investigator Dr. Donald Rogue Jr. too! He has a small but loyal following right now :) Taking on the world to protect the environment, good man! haha.

  3. MJ Izzo

    So Good!He has his hands full,Dr.Rogue,I am sure we will here from him again.Great Job and I loved the artwork.
    Thanks for another great comic


    1. CS

      You’re absolutely right MJ, this isn’t the last we’ll hear from Dr. Rogue!! Seems to be a trend with him to get in over his head and have his hands full! I thought my days got busy and were hectic, his put mine to shame :) Don’t see me repelling off buildings to interrupt board meetings, haha. Kind of feel lucky about that though! Still its fun to visit such exploits in our imaginations and I so appreciate all the encouragement as its keeping me going here!

      Have a great week! More to come!
      ~ Chris

  4. Elin

    Hey Chris, when we get our new Tanzania website up and running, I think we need to make a link to the Dr Rogue cartoons!
    The cartoons are great!

    1. CS

      Elin, that would be SO cool :) Definitely let me know when that gets close to being ready as I can have a new Dr. Rogue comic the same week to celebrate the website’s launch! Gives such a nice international flair to have Tanzania showcased in the comics as well. As its a totally different color scheme to use than those taking place in Rhode Island. Really glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :) Hope all is well, talk soon!
      ~ Chris

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