Apr 20


Coed Wool Sock Skating Competition!

The night of the big event is here! And the Coed Wool Sock Skating Competition is about to begin!! Are all the competitors ready? Judges are on hand, the floors have been waxed and polished, everything has come into place! What amazing feats will we get to see? And there is even the possibility of some special celebrity guest appearances! So kick back, relax, and enjoy the latest edition of the Adventures of August Winter!

Not sure I personally would have the skills to be able to participate in this competition myself, but I can’t help but be caught up in the excitement surrounding this event :) Who do you think had the coolest wool socks in the contest? (Although I’m not convinced they were all wool, suspect some of the contestants might have been performing with cotton socks, haha). Does anyone out there have some awesome socks? Maybe even that kind with the separate spots for toes that make it look like a glove on your foot, do you know the type I mean?


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  1. Rose

    Wow!!!!! Kudos, Christopher!! Amazing “choreography”. Talk about “feets” of strength (couldn’t help it). And so good to see our friend, Mr. Moose, again. I loved the animation. Whew! Hurculean efforts for sure. Very much appreciated. This week’s episode was definitely worth the wait. Lots of smiles to cheer up a very cloudy, rainy day. Thank you, Christopher. My favorite socks, by the way, are my knee socks. They are not easy to find these days; but oh so comfortable. Learning to knit wild and crazy socks is on my list of knitting projects. Your sock sliding contest definitely inspires me to get started.

    1. CS

      Haha, for the choreography I did a bit of research. Watched a little bit of olympic skating to get initial ideas and for what could be possible. Then the rest came together when I was sketching out the first drawings and visualizing what would work animated :) Was fun to see it all come together.

      Knit wild and crazy socks would be perfect for this event! There really is so much you could do with patterns, color\s, and textures even. You should definitely try and make some! What is the difficulty level of making socks versus knitting other types of things like scarves, sweaters, vests, etc?

      Think you were the first one to spot Mr. Moose! Good job!! haha. Couldn’t have the event without him :) Thanks for stopping by!
      ~ CS

  2. Merrilyn

    Hi! Wow I’m so impressed with your drawings and animation on this!! I think my favorite “socks” were the bunny slippers ;) . And what do yo mean you don’t have the skills to participate?! I think skills like running and jumping for example are very important, and you have both, haha :)

    Anyway back to the comic! The animation is fabulous and I could tell you must have researched because the form looks flawless. Moose was a great touch too, never know when he will turn up!

    I have some nice socks, and I think Ive seen those toe ones too that look like gloves- who would wear those??! hahaha. I’m happy to report that my feet no longer slip on the freshly waxed pilates floor since I have been wearing them. But now after seeing this comic, I may have to start a new pilates move called the “sock skate” :) . As Brittney Spears likes to say, “Gimme Gimme more… comic!”

    ps. Hissssssssss! Ahhhhh!!!! haha

    1. CS

      Props to Chris Knight for the bunny slippers! They might be my favorite too, I can’t decide! Haha, and you’re right, I’d be all over this competition! The floor in my kitchen is practically competition ready 24/7 and offers up plenty of practice opportunities. Especially in the Winter when I’m wearing crazy wool socks myself!

      Often have ideas to add motion to these comic entries and this one seemed to demand it so I had to take the extra step to make it so. I’m sure your fellow classmates would be thrilled at the prospect of the “Sock skate” move! Never imagined my work would inspire such a thing, but I’m all for it! And don’t sleep on those socks that are like gloves, they are very stylish :) And I know for a fact that people do indeed wear them! Not saying I do personally, but I know a guy who knows a guy. You know how these things go, haha.

      More comics coming, very soon in fact! Mere minutes away at this point!
      ~ C

      PS: Are you hissing at me?? Or is there a snake in the room over there? haha. Or both!

  3. Merrilyn

    You know a guy who wears those socks?! You have no idea what your work may inspire, that’s why it is so cool :)

    Snake?? where?? haha hisss!!

    1. CS

      Oh I absolutely do! Not naming any names though :) I’ll leave all further commentary on snakes to the one and only Samuel L. Jackson! haha. If I can inspire people to wear cool socks than I am definitely on the right track in life, thank you!

  4. Agnes

    ever thought about writing a book someday?

    1. CS

      I sure have Agnes, in fact I am working on completing my first one right now for the Adventures of August Winter! No timetable on a release date for it currently, but the writing component is complete. Lots to look forward to, thank you very much for commenting!

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