Jun 22


Into the Setting Sun

When nature and the environment are in danger, Dr. Donald Rogue Jr will be there, defying the odds! A man, carved by the discipline of his own will, he stands up for the world’s fragile coastal ecosystems & makes no apologies! After receiving a distress signal from Ghana, the Coastal Resources Investigator rushes into action as tensions run high. Can they make it in time to prevent disaster with major stakes on the line???! Discover what happens in this week’s edition of the ‘Adventures of August Winter’!

Seemed more than overdue to find out what the good doctor has been up to. And apparently that is blazing across the Western Coast of Africa, hot on the trail of danger and some more bad dudes, haha. Admire his efforts and I know he is making a big difference! Good work Dr. Rogue :) You’ve got fans the world over! Many thanks as always to everyone for checking out the comic and feel free to comment!

PS: For new readers, click on the ‘Coastal Resources Investigator’ link in the Categories menu to the right. To see all of Dr. Donald Rogue Jr’s exploits from the very beginning!


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  1. Georgia Dunn

    Excellent work, Dr. Rogue!! Put those poachers in their place!

    1. CS

      Very much agreed Georgia! Tip of the hat to Dr. Rogue this week :)

  2. Dr Robadue

    Once again Dr Rogue is over the top– serious and hilarious at the same time.

    To learn more about coastal management work in Ghana through the Hen Mpoano initiative, try these links: http://www.crc.uri.edu/index.php?projectid=110 and http://www.facebook.com/HenMpoano

    Our partner in Ghana is Friends of the Nation http://www.fonghana.20m.com/aboutus1.htm

    To learn more about the fate of chimpanzees in Africa, visit this site by the WWF. http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/endangered_species/great_apes/chimpanzees/


    Dr D.

    1. CS

      Much appreciate the insights :) Exactly what this post needed, some more information on coastal management work being done currently abroad! Thank you very much for sharing those links! I would definitely encourage people who want to know more to check them out. As there certainly are very real issues being portrayed in this week’s edition of the Adventures of August Winter.

      Ghana is a beautiful country and certainly warrants protection and I’d like to thank all the real life Dr. Rogues out there for all their efforts!

  3. Patricia Aba Mensah

    Oh Wow! This is awesome. I am a Ghanaian working in coastal resource management and fisheries sector. I love the character “Dr. Rogue”! I sometimes sit quietly and wonder what our world would be if everybody thought like Dr. Rogue and acted responsibly. We always forget that ‘WE GET WHAT WE GIVE’ and our lack of care for the environment would come back to us.

    I appreciate the dedication to environmental issues. This online strip is great!

    1. CS


      Greetings from across the Atlantic! I’m humbled by your comment, thank you very much!! Have such respect for the work you do and agree with your sentiment that we certainly do get what we give :) I share your wonder at what our world would be like if everyone lived with greater balance with nature. I am still very hopeful and know that there is a lot of people out there with the spirit of ‘Dr. Rogue’ making a huge difference!

      The environment is a cause every living thing in the world can benefit from and I know so many great people that are putting their all behind that goal! Really appreciate your words of encouragement, made my day! Knew I wanted to have a comic on Ghana and it has been one of my favorite to draw thus far as it is a totally different landscape than where I live.

      Many many thanks!! Cheers!
      ~ CS

  4. Merrilyn


    It’s obvious that these environmental causes are close to your heart because you really excel at these :) . And that monkey….I want to take him home and keep him! But I know if I did, I’d be chased down by Dr. Rogue :) .

    Excellent work and very inspiring for everyone to do more to help the world.

    1. CS


      Yes absolutely, I am very passionate about environmental causes and try to reach out and support them in my own way. Though it is the real life Dr. Rogue’s that I am so in awe of, for all their efforts everyday in making the world a healthier and balanced place to live. There is a million worthy causes out there and chimpanzees certainly are deserving as are so many others.

      Don’t think Dr. Rogue would let you get away with that no :) Thank you as always for stopping by and being such a big part of the community here!! Rock on!
      ~ CS

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