Sep 21



Dr. Donald Rogue Jr. is never afraid of hard work or heavy lifting. Willing to take matters into his own hands, he has proven again and again that no assignment is too risky or too dangerous! Where do we find the fearless Coastal Resources Investigator this week? On the coast of South Africa in search of something many thought extinct within the region. Will the Institute’s suspicions be proved right? Or is Rogue walking into a trap???!

Back for some more adventure I see! Glad you found your way to the website today. I have added a page turn notification to new readers. As I had heard that not everyone knew you could flip ahead in the story. So that will be a regular feature going forward. Had really been wanting to revisit our CRI storyline and see what was happening on the show, haha. Wonder where in the world he will turn up next? Rogue that is, Dr. Donald Rogue Jr! Hope you enjoyed this new edition of ‘The Adventures of August Winter’ and that you have a great finish to your week/end! Cheers!


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  1. Dr. Robadue

    Hmmm or should I say woahhhhhh!. This grey-haired Dr. doesn’t have skydiving on his bucket list, so this is where he parts company with the intrepid Dr. Rogue. While I have traveled through but never visited South Africa, it seems that there are related species of this flower in East and West Africa, so will find more about them, and snap some pictures in my next trips.

    Dr. D.

    1. CS

      It’s an honor to have a post by the good doctor! Not sure I would rule out sky diving just yet! Especially if it was to save a fragile coastal community :)

      Would be amazing if you could snag a photo of one in the wild on your travels. Wonder where Dr. Rogue’s adventures will take him next? Great contributions, thank you!!

  2. Aaron

    I like this side series and the special effects!

    1. CS

      Thanks Aaron! I also enjoy it as it gives me something completely different to draw for. Always intend to do more with the visuals and add some motion to the scenes. Will aim to do more of it in the future! When i was making those clouds I couldn’t help but think of Super Mario Bros 3. Did you ever play that back in the day? Where when you’d beat one of the doom ships Mario (or Luigi) would fall from the sky and the clouds would all be flying upwards. Kind of channeled that into making the sky diving scene for this one.

      Thanks for the comment, more comics to come!
      ~ CS

  3. Merrilyn

    Hey Dr. Rogue is back! Did Dr. D determine that you were drawing South Africa based on the water maybe or another landmark? That is pretty impressive since you did not mention South Africa in the comic! The jump scene was great in this, I really like how he turns around and his hat manages to stay on his head even though he is plummeting toward the ground haha.

    Very cool info about the flower too, how did you come up with that species? You give so much interesting info in these comics sometimes, awesome job :) .

    1. CS

      Hmm, would be hard to presume anything behind the good doctor’s motives or understandings of the world! For that I do not question it, for others, they may have learned of the location from the written description below the comic, but who is to say really… Maybe they tapped into my brain and read my mind??? Or stole the secret backstory data logs from my desk here, haha. I’m not ruling anything out! Because whatever left, however improbable is the likely solution!

      I did do some extra research for this edition about the flora and fauna of the African continent in the hopes of imparting a little knowledge on the reader. So I took to the internet in search of sources (hopefully reliable!) haha. Guess time will prove it right or wrong!

      Thanks for posting M!

  4. Merrilyn

    Oh… the written description below the comic, the thing I missed.. :) . I’d love to come up with an elaborate excuse for why I didn’t see that, but I have nothing haha. Carry on !

    1. CS

      I did kind of sneak it in there. Usually I put it in the comic itself with a heading. Which in hindsight I totally would have done :) For that comic version 2.0 it should have it in there :)

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