Dec 21



It’s been going around school. August is the latest victim. No, not a vicious rumor about smelly tennis shoes or a failed pop geology quiz. Something much much worse. Thats right. The flu! The dreaded flu! haha. Oh but its no laughing matter, well, except maybe in cartoon form. As the only adventure taking place in the world of August Winter lately has been gambling on how many hours he can sleep consecutively.

Coincidentally I too have been rather sick (shocking I know!) and I decided to power through to make sure some comic goodness (debatable this week, hahaha) made it to the internets out of the Adventures of August Winter. Before the strike of midnight tonight. So my friends, thank you for sticking with me, hope everyone has/had a great holiday and I will try and post another comic again asap!! Cheers to all!


  1. Merrilyn

    Really hope August is feeling back to his old self! (or young self as the case may be :) .

    1. CS

      Happy to say that he (by all accounts I’m hearing) is back to feeling like himself :) Which likely means trouble!! haha.

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