Dec 28



Time for a fireside chat as Grant (naturally as August’s best friend and roommate) has been fielding a lot of questions about August’s recent absence. Since he hasn’t been seen around campus and speculation as to why that is has been rampant across Blackstone Academy. The real reason remains elusive and ultimately a mystery from everyone save August himself. But maybe, just maybe Grant has some insight into what it could be. Curious to know? Proceed forward brave reader into the world of the Adventures of August Winter!

Believe unless I am very much mistaken I think this is the first time that Grant has addressed an audience personally. So somewhat of a momentous edition here! As he has had to step things up in August’s absence. Could he be addressing a crowd of Freshmen gathered in the first year’s dorms? Or is he talking directly to you fair reader?? And what do you think is going on with August? I know he was sick from what everyone was saying last time. But is he still sick or is something else going on? Do you think Humboldt had some really severe punishment that pushed him over the edge?


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  1. Merrilyn

    I think he’s in the Caribbean soaking up the sun, and he has his bed rigged up to look like he is in it (flashback Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!). Either that or Humboldt has him locked up in the basement of the school haha. Either way I hope he comes back soon I miss him!

    1. CS

      Caribbean! Wow, now there’s an idea! Could have stowed away on a cruise ship or tanker and made his way South I suppose, haha. Wouldn’t put it past him, although your other insinuation that Headmaster Humboldt might have him locked up is absolute poppycock! hahahaha. :) What was the name of the principal in Ferris Bueller’s Day of? As I wouldn’t put such tactics by that guy, as he lost his marbles!

      As of posting this, I can say that August is indeed back! You’ll have to check out what he is up to this week! Isn’t the same when he is off the radar. Very much appreciate the comment, and I for one like your idea of a Caribbean getaway. Seems like just the thing for this time of year. Cheerio! ~ CS

  2. Merrilyn

    That would be Edward R. Rooney :) . Ninnnne times…. haha

    1. CS

      Thats it!! Of course, I couldn’t for the life of me think of it! Can hear him saying that quote “Ninnnnne times…” haha. Thank you!

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