Welcome to the world of August Winter! Life as a freshmen at the prestigious Blackstone Academy in Providence, Rhode Island is no easy task. Juggling classes, meeting new friends, exploring the city, slogging through homework, and finding his way out of more trouble than fortune should allow is merely par for the course!

Drawn, written, and produced by Chris Robadue, the Adventures of August Winter is an ever growing story line and soon to be series of books!

“It’s a project I’ve really wanted to work on for quite some time now. Combining graphic novel sensibilities, my penchant for 2D cartoons and drawing, along with a world that I’ve dreamed up from my own experiences and imagination. Where I can cook up larger than life adventures as well as bring thoughtful commentaries on everyday existence to the table too. With equal room for both, as one fulfills the other. The Adventures of August Winter is dedicated to my wonderful friends and family who make life ever so exciting and rewarding!”.

~ Chris Robadue     

Still curious to know more?! (Selected articles and links)

Chris Robadue interview with ‘Animation Career Review’ ~ June 2011

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