Moment of Zen

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OCTOBER 2022 – The search for perfection, a perilous journey? A fool’s errand? A noble pursuit? So much of life is spent waiting for perfection. The right time to act, that right circumstance to present itself, the right person to come along, etc. It is essential to not let yourself lose sight of what truly matters. And while I am a strong believer in pursuing truth and endeavoring to always live up to your own highest ideals, it is important not to become lost in our own reflections. As by doing so you can miss out on all the ‘perfection’ that is all around you. To be blinded by the slight of hand of ego and the everyday and not appreciate the beauty of the little things, the simple things. Only to discover, like Katsumoto in ‘The Last Samurai’, the truth, that all of the cherry blossoms are perfect.

Don’t let it be too late, take stock of the goodness all around you, and recognize that it is up to you to embrace the perfection of every moment. As it is there, at your fingertips.

Untangling the complicated nature of our lives is no easy task, nor one for the faint of heart. So go boldly onto that battlefield and arm yourself with the best of intentions.

Switching topics, who are some of your favorite contemporary authors? Is there someone that continues to knock it out of the park with every book they write? Would welcome some suggestions. Haven’t had much free time for enjoying reading lately, which is a total bummer, I gotta say, haha. But have two ideas for directions to take my next story and I would consider that not a bad problem to have! Continue to feed my hunger for knowledge and watch the eternal push/pull of optimism for the state of the world surge and subside by the hour.

Had some apple cake the other day, so autumn is treating me very well, haha. Cheers to you all and thank you for stopping by and catching up!

~ CS