Next Chapter

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JUNE 2023 – Next chapters are always exciting. The thrill of the unknown, feeling the vitality of a new direction as it’s momentum begins taking hold, and slowly discovering what it has to offer. In writing, as in life, it isn’t always obvious when that moment has come, but you can sort of sense it once you become accustomed to the rhythm of how story lines flow. A momentous event, a shift in time, a change of perspective, these are common catalysts for the launch of a new chapter. Pacing is very important in story telling and using chapters allows the writer to build suspense, let the reader come up for air, or to dangle an intoxicating carrot question mark that keeps the audience wanting to read “just one more page”. That is my personal favorite, I like a good cliffhanger chapter ending (both as a reader and writer). It is also helpful when I’m writing to know where I’m going next and to stop my current writing session with at least some idea of where to go when I pick it back up, as that keeps the momentum of the project alive.

This month I’ve taken out the good ole writing journal again to start putting ideas down on paper. Love this part of the creative process! Have several different directions I’m considering, haven’t yet decided which one I want to do first.

Contemplating some multimedia undertakings as well, to find the right vehicle to be able to contribute positive change to the world. Having been in school, I feel like I’ve been on the sidelines for awhile and I really want to do something tangible to help and improve the environment and foster a more positive future. Anyone doom scrolling online might be easily persuaded that the world is a pretty grim place and prospects for the future are anything but optimistic. But I’d like to foster and encourage an alternative vision and I think my green building design philosophy and planning skills could help that score.

Bridging gaps takes dedicated effort, innovation, and good timing, so let’s see what that next chapter holds!

~ CS