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MARCH 2016 – Last week was Spring break on campus (or perhaps more aptly, off campus, haha) and I very much welcomed the opportunity to throw myself into writing, re-writing, and editing. Took a few of the notes I had and addressed a lot of the sections that I had previously given the ole, “I’ll come back to that later” label. As later was now, and man if later isn’t always the toughest part of the process. As it ultimately comes down to making decisions, for your characters, for your story, and for your audience. Reminded myself that if needed I could always re-visit these decisions to help ease the gridlock of indecision in my mind.

As that really is half the trick sometimes, giving yourself permission to give things a shot. As much as I want to be definitive with every choice I make in writing, I have to admit that changes can be required later on. This book is my best example yet of allowing that to be part of the process as it had a substantial re-write after the original story arc was completed. And by not being blocked and allowing ideas to flow you can give yourself so much more room to be creative and the writing will improve as a result.

Beach March 2016

Very thrilled to say that by the end of Spring Break, after a lot of decision making, mucking about, and forcing a departure of perfectionism. I submitted my latest draft to the impeccable and tireless hands of my editor. She will be the first to read it and I told her to be merciless with her feedback, haha. Really, she is wonderful and her thoughtful insights will be invaluable towards pushing the book to be the best it can be. Which I am very thankful for, as when you are so close to the material as having written it, the narrative and characters can be so familiar it is hard to judge them anymore.

Plenty of reading taking place outside of my time writing. Have gone hiking and welcome the promise of many more days spent outside in the coming months. Right now I’m riding the wave of Spring Break and the small success of finishing the current draft of the book. Now, to wait.


– CS

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