In such a large world, we often feel powerless to make a difference. As what can one person do? Introverts For Nature takes the old adage, think global, act local, and puts it into action. As what is more local than your own backyard, kitchen, local park, and community? You as an individual can have a positive impact on the world around you!


Haul1Spend two hours a month¬†volunteering to help the Environment, Nature, and Earth. Have an afternoon off? Take some time to pick up recyclables and trash in your neighborhood, at a local park or a wildlife preserve. Is it a beautiful day out and you want to spend some time outdoors but aren’t sure what to do? Plant a tree or some wildflowers in your yard to help provide habitat for wildlife and help clean the air and water. Other ways to help? Start a compost pile! Turn biodegradable kitchen vegetable waste into rich soil and keep it out of landfills. Other ideas? Wash out and re-use old glass jars to replace disposable containers and single-serve items in your daily life. There are so many things you can do to help Nature. Small steps over time can cover great distances!

Spend two hours a month, and over the course of a year, that is an entire day!


Giving back in life feels amazing. And I know there are many of us that would like the opportunity to volunteer and do something to make the world a better place. But after a long week at work or school we need time¬†alone and to have quiet and a break from the multi-tasking chaos of the modern world. That is part of the beauty of Introverteering, you can go for a calming walk in nature (woods, beach, field, etc), breathe the fresh air, and also give back by picking up trash/recyclables that have been cast aside and are littering the landscape. You’ll be helping to clean up a local place you know and love, and helping local wildlife and the environment! It’s a win-win, good for you, good for the Earth.