Branching Out

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MARCH 2022 – What do you think the future holds? Do you see time and the future as a tree with many branching paths and possibilities? Looking at the past we can only ever see our own footprints in reverse and the route we’ve taken, everything already decided, in a way that everything almost feels like it was inevitable. But what about your next step and the one after that and then the one after that? Which branch will you choose, which direction will you take? Not so clear to see is it and the further afield you look, the more of a projection it becomes. Full of wonder and potential, but also a heightened risk of falling. An exciting prospect for sure, as it could lead anywhere! And in my experience you get more out of life when you put more into your life. So why not give it your all? No matter what you are doing, effort breeds results.

Little victories, they compound over time, and can be difference makers the more of them you stack together. Decisions become habits and you have to be a good shepherd for your future self, to put yourself in a position to live a life that is fulfilling and built on the values that you believe in and want to represent. We all stumble, but you can’t let a few bruised knees stop you from going after your dreams.

Formulating more ideas for what I’d like to do next creatively. Right now I’m pretty dialed in to my coursework, but it has also been an opportunity to pause and reflect on my creative work and think about what in it that drives me and what I want to put out in the world. Versus a go, go, go mentality where I am just creating to create. Not that that has ever really been an issue for me, have never been a volume producer that’s for sure, haha. But I think you know what I mean, where I want to make sure what I’m doing is meaningful (to me personally and hopefully to others as well) and not disposable. As I was stuck in a frame of mind for awhile there where I was thinking too much about the outcome and neglecting the why driving my work. I’m sure this is territory that every writer and artist comes to and questions, so I suspect I am in very good company on this score.

What am I reading right now? Outside of textbooks, I picked up ‘1984’ by George Orwell, wanted to revisit this work as I had read it back in high school, but I appreciate it at a different level now with fresh eyes. Feels incredibly relevant in the 21st century and the age we live in where language, liberty, and expression are hot topics of debate. And the reach of technology into our everyday lives and the loss of privacy is so prevalent. I don’t know, is a good read, would recommend everyone taking another look at it. The lessons of history seem to get left behind so easily…

On that note, keep climbing my friends, there are brilliant heights out there for you to reach!

~ CS