Imagination, Design, Engineering, Art, Science… There is little we can’t achieve when we apply these tools and skill sets. It is a realm rich with possibility and promise. And harmonizing all of these elements allows us to reshape the world and build a better tomorrow. A future that is healthy, sustainable, built to last, and speaks to our inner spirit and inspires. I want to be a part of that future, to embrace the landscape of nature and revitalize an interest in organic architecture, fused with the latest innovations in construction materials and techniques. To create artful buildings that will last through the modern era and beyond.

Innovation & Efficiency

Technology has advanced rapidly in the last fifty years, with so many of us having the latest smart phones, wireless devices, and soon electric cars. But how many homes would you say are being built to a 21st century standard? Existing housing stock is largely stuck in the 1900s and even new homes being built everywhere are little better in terms of efficiency metrics, being built to meet the minimum code requirements. But like the digital revolution of the internet era there are also new much more advanced building techniques and materials being developed constantly. Allowing for the creation of Net Zero homes that create as much energy as they use, the technology is here, now, we just have to leverage it and invest in a better way of living and building.


Building homes with quality construction materials that are going to stand the test of time is a form of sustainability that I don’t think gets talked about enough. So often we don’t cast our gaze far enough into the future to take into account the hidden costs of building with disposable or short-lived components. Choosing materials that are not only best suited for your environment, are locally crafted, but also that will hold up to generations worth of use as I aim to design and build homes that last for hundreds of years, heirloom homes if you will. As we want to leave a world and landscape that is healthy and attuned for future generations to live and thrive in.


What does the fusion of 21st century technology and design look like? Often when it comes to modern architecture and sustainably constructed and oriented buildings, what comes to mind is a function over form visual aesthetic. I would like to expand the visual language of eco-friendly, sustainable, modern architecture and offer up new possibilities for home owners to explore. Turning utility into art that lives as well as it performs from an engineering standpoint. To create properties that feel like a home and not a showroom or set piece.