Travels in Time

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MAY 2022 – One of my favorite things about writing/reading is that it allows thoughts and ideas to effectively time travel. Curious what… say… Marcus Aurelius was thinking about circa 172 AD? Read his philosophical writings in ‘Meditations’ and you’ll have access to a collection of some of the finest life lessons ever recorded. Knowledge and wisdom of the ages is shared from generation to generation in this beautifully simple, but markedly powerful way. Allowing your creative outputs to outlive you and speak to an audience that is beyond the reaches of your present mortality.

And let us not discount the ability of imagination, creativity, and vision to collide and allow readers to transport themselves back in time through written worlds crafted as both fiction and non-fiction. Where deeds of great heroes can inspire us, or where wars are raged, mysteries solved, galaxies explored, and romances begun anew. I often joke that all of my favorite authors are long gone, but their works clearly live on, and I think that is something that I find personally inspiring. To have the opportunity to contribute something to that grand tradition is an incredible gift. So don’t let your best thoughts and dreams stay locked away within you, share and pursue the rich fabric of life and let your insights and creativity travel through time.


Went on an amazing hike recently in Connecticut and had the good fortune to be able to explore the cave pictured above. Reminded me of the show ‘Dark’, which is an awesome German television series that if you’ve seen it, you’ll understand the connection here. I have been going for a lot of lengthy walks this month. May in New England never fails to surprise me with its beauty and capacity to provide bug-free wandering through nature, haha. Staying on the subject of ancient wisdom, I’ve been reading ‘A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century: Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life’ by Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein, this husband and wife tandem host a thought provoking podcast and as evolutionary biologists they have a very interesting take on navigating the present day which I found most helpful. Book has been a quality read thus far and given me a lot to chew on intellectually, haha. That wraps it up for me tonight!

Keep growing, creating, learning, and searching my friends! And until next time, have a brilliant close to Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere.

~ CS