La Vie Douce

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SEPTEMBER 2022 – Once again I have overfilled my itinerary for this time of year, but like a memorable eclair, sometimes life… just needs to be appreciated as is. I continue to pursue knowledge, the perfect pasta to sauce ratio, and new PR’s in my fitness regiment. Happily the well-spring of motivation has remained ever-flowing and each day has proven a viable opportunity for growth. Change and worthy goals take time and being able to focus on the little victories that each day has to offer can make even the wildest swings possible. As what Naval Ravikant says is true, life is not a zero-sum game, especially when you can help make life better for others.

Continue to embrace new opportunities, to appreciate all that I have, and recognize that it is such a privilege to be alive and have the capacity to shape the world around you as you see fit. Clarity of vision remains an incredibly valuable skill and being able to recognize that one’s anima needs to be stoked and allowed to flourish is so important. This is something that I’ve sadly neglected doing for a very long time. And while I think it is understandable why one would choose to look inward for many things, it is vital to recognize that there is so much in life that can be missed by doing so. And taking the time, to celebrate, to explore, and welcome in the good along with the challenges is at the heart of connecting with the sense of joy and spirit that makes life ever so sweet.

Thank you to those that have reminded me of this lesson. It was well received.

Learning so much and can’t wait to share what I have absorbed with everyone and switch gears into creative mode next year. But for now it is all about embracing the sensory overload, adapting to the lessons, pushing limits, and continuing to discover the vitality of life on this day, at this time. And whatever you are pursuing, keep going, you’ll get there! Tenacity need not be in short supply.

~ CS