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DECEMBER 2022 – It took a road trip, but a white Christmas was achieved, haha. Felt like a throwback holiday, traveling North to spend time with extended family. Revived some traditions and all around it was an excellent finale to what has turned out to be a very productive year. Big goals can often feel impossibly far away, but if you continuously keep yourself on the right path, make good decisions day in and day out, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself in a good place when you stop to assess. They say habits become destiny and I think there is some truth in that.

For those keeping score, completed another semester and have vivid delusions of grandeur for the future, haha. More on that in the coming months. Have some cool design and writing (non-book related) projects lined up for the start of the new year, so that should be really engaging and get the creativity kicked into high gear. In the meantime, I’m taking a slice of time off to recharge, visit friends, and build up that bank of ideas (is overflowing at the moment! Not a bad problem to have).

Downtime has proved great for being able to read for fun, picked up the book ‘The Status Game: On Human Life and How to Play It’ by Will Storr most recently. The title delves into numerous aspects of human psychology that were new to me and expanded other arenas that I only appreciated on an intuitive level. His examples of manifestations of status games that have been adopted by cultures around the world throughout history are as hard hitting as you would expect to make such a historical review, but have lessons that can be learned for modern times. The subject lends itself very well to thought experiments and in the rear view mirror of the historical record it all seems so gut-wrenching and baffling, but I know that tradition is carried on in the current stage of life as pungently as ever.

A cup of tea calls, so I will leave this here, but thank you for stopping by, catch you next time!

~ CS