Unwinding the Beginning

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APRIL 2023 – Complicated problems are at the heart of innovation. And the world is ripe with opportunities to innovate. But it is often hard to know where to begin, as it can be a tangled mess to get to the core of the issue(s). Architecture and designing the future can certainly feel like that at times as there is always so much more to know and to figure out. That is also a big part of the beauty of it, the immense depth of what has come before, the endless realm of possibility of what could be, and the very real need to improve things. Searching for fertile territory to mine faults is easy in the 21st century as it seems everyone has a pet issue they are willing to discuss endlessly. What is vastly more impactful though is building and creating solutions to said problem.

Not enough eco-friendly houses? Design new methods for constructing them, create new super efficient home design plans, learn how to actually build them and start a company. We need a mind shift change, from can’t to can. We can make the world better, we just need to practice setting road maps that lead to big goals but have clearly thought out steps to get there. Don’t like the direction your community is going? Get involved with your local planning department and help guide it down a better path. Unwind problems, don’t let the sense that the problem is too big to be helped stop you. Now is the time to build, there is so much good that can be done, let go of the ease of discouragement and embrace the excitement of forward movement.

That is a big part of the beauty of Springtime, new beginnings, new opportunities to start over, fresh, and grow to meet the challenge of the moment.

Most of my reading this month has been articles on Net Zero residential design, there is a lot of interesting ideas being developed in the space, which is awesome to see. I suspect the electrification of society is going to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming decades and we’re going to need a lot of innovation to power that future. Much of my work is on optimization and efficiency, but equally as important is breakthroughs in cold fusion technology, safer nuclear reactors, and vastly superior battery storage systems. There is a lot to look forward to and I’ll be keen to see where we are as a society in five, ten, and twenty-five years from now.

Are there any exciting new beginnings in your world this Spring? I hope so! Thanks for stopping by and catching up, cheers!

~ Chris