The Water’s Edge

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JULY 2023 – Stepping up takes on many forms. Maybe it means confronting a challenge that you’ve been putting off or going that extra mile to make certain that everything works out with your current objective. When you are faced with something that causes you concern or self-doubt, it is best to take action, no matter how small a step forward, do something. Set a plan in motion. Make that initial effort, as even seemingly trivial amounts of progress can alleviate the weight of indecision holding you back and help guide you towards your ultimate objective. Small moves can deliver oversized returns. So make the decision to act, as it can release your mind and allow you to build momentum.

This tactic is especially helpful with writing. Many professional writers will literally make themselves write near gibberish on the page, just to get past that wall of creative resistance known as writer’s block. I personally like to close out every writing session with a completed, lone sentence where I know exactly what I want to say next. This allows me to pick up where I left off in the future and already have that first sentence and concept to jump start me creatively and defeat any internal mental blocks for what to write/type. The more you practice this technique in your writing (and your life), the more accustomed your brain will be to taking action, getting rolling creatively, and being more decisive.

When you’re at the water’s edge, there is a sense of potential and expanse that can set your mind free, if you let it. One of my favorite things to do is to go out kayaking, late in the day and cruising over the calm water and watching the symphony of nature perform all around me. It is at these moments especially that I can understand why humans throughout history have always been so drawn to the ocean. In so many ways, water is life, and the closer we are to it, the more it stirs within our souls.

I have ordered several new books to read, one fiction, one non-fiction as often is tradition. Will report back on them if they prove insightful. Until then, I hope you are having a summer full of warm memories and opportunities to unwind and rejuvenate the spirits for a purposeful sprint to the finale of 2023.

Cheers all!

~ CS