Fond Farewell for the Old WaveGarden Arts Website

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DECEMBER 1st 2014 marks the final day for my original WaveGarden Arts website. It had a great run and encapsulated the internet era in which it was crafted. Built using Flash, it had the roll-over buttons, hand-animated graphics, rich colors, and a sense of style that was all its own. All the buttons and menus on the site were hand-drawn in colored pencil, and kept true to the aesthetic of the studio itself.

Original WaveGarden Arts siteHere was the home page in all its glory, full of color, easy to navigate (I thought so at least, haha. And it handled a fair amount of traffic in its day. I actually did first try to replicate it exactly for this new incarnation of the website, but ended up going in a different direction. But that old site really was fantastic and this new one has a lot to live up to, haha. So tip of the hat old WaveGarden Arts website, you rocked!!



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