Blackstone Academy Trailer

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Broke out my number two pencil & some paper┬árecently and with the help of my scanner and adobe after effects made a short animated trailer for ‘The Adventures of August Winter and the Blackstone Academy’! By short, I mean short, as it clocks in at under 45 seconds. Drawings are rough and gestural a bit at times, but that was the look I was going for since it was a quick piece and intended to be atmospheric.

Blackstone Academy Trailer Capture

Creating the raining visual effect took a bit of doing as most of the articles I read for adding rain animation required using plugins that I didn’t have. Necessity being the mother of all invention I went with a classic way of creating a rain effect using a screen layer over the drawings. With a bit of tweaking and some motion it created a pretty strong rain effect that I’m quite happy with and will likely use again in the future.

Would be cool if some people find the animation on youtube and checkout more of WaveGarden Arts work and the book itself! Had fun making the trailer and I might do other quick pieces like that in the future. Depending on the critical response and how much time I have.

Want to see the animation for yourself? Here it is, check it out!

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