A Castle If You Please

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JULY 2017 – Like a wrinkle in time, Summer memories fold together, from endless stretches of heat and the intensity of feeling that brings, to days that just fly by in a blur. Leaving you wondering where the time went and how it slipped so easily through your fingers. Been a fast moving one this month, but of course, as it is easy to tire of hearing, yet it has had its share of barbecues, lemonade, and adventurous spells by and on the water. Can’t claim Calvin & Hobbes, barreling down a hill in a wagon type excitement, but did manage to do a bit of restless exploring and inspiration gathering!

Highlights you ask? Given my love of all things castle and stonework related, I was very excited about the prospect of exploring Miantonomi Park Tower in Newport. It is the highest point in the city, housed in a lovely wooded park, and was constructed in 1929 I believe, as part of a World War I Memorial. Normally the tower is gated and closed to the general public and writers of blogs. However! Thanks to the generosity of the Aquidneck Land Trust and the city, they were able to open it for viewing for a limited stretch on Sundays during the Summer.

Not wanting to miss this opportunity, an expedition was thrown together, and the tower climbed!

Miantonomi Tower

View from inside the tower at the base looking up (as you may have already guessed, haha). The spiral staircase leads to a walkway and rampart with glorious three hundred and sixty degree views of the island. The world was blue and green from the top and you could see all the way across the Newport bridge to Jamestown and beyond, just stunning. Really wish New England and the United States in general had more stone architecture and castles! Will certainly continue to search out those that do exist and at some point I want to plan a castle tour of Europe. For now, a trip to Miantonomi Tower will satiate my need to explore ancient structures.

Haven’t started writing my third book yet, keep punting on this process in general. Lots of peripheral happenings at my regular job that has kept me busy hasn’t helped either. Worry not! For I’m stockpiling mental notes for ideas to include in my next writing project. And will elaborate about it more once these notes have culminated into a ‘tower’ of paper notes here on my desk, to heights that would rival that of Miantonomi, haha. Thanks for stopping by everyone, until next time!

– CS

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