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JUNE 2018 – Efforts to make a positive impact on the local environment have continued this month, through more time spent introverteering! Had one of the most successful hauls to date, journeying upstate to a park, hiking the trails, and picking up a sizable amount of rubbish. There really is something satisfying about the immediacy of being able to actively clean up an area and make it look better. Though it is always ever only part of the story about how we can make the future better. I’ve continued to try and buy only materials with recyclable containers and focus on purchasing glass whenever possible. Can be tough though as more and more products switch to plastic. Still, have to believe that every bit counts!
View from the top
Here is the view from one of the trail vistas, really was quite beautiful, especially in person. Can’t emphasize the “you have to be there” factor enough, not just in this photo, but in life. There really is something to be said for getting out there and experiencing life first-hand, and seeing things for yourself, and making up your own mind, and having your own experiences. Although, looking at a photograph you do get to avoid the humidity and bugs that I assure you were ever present here, hahaha.

Finished reading my first door-stopper fiction book of the year, ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand. Wow, that book will knock your socks off if you are willing to give it the time and patience that it requires to complete it. Is a very illuminating look into the nature and motivation of humanity, and what it means to be a person of the mind. As what are we, if not people of the mind? Felt as relevant a struggle as ever and though the world has changed a lot since it was originally published in 1957, I think there is a lot to gleam from this book. Whereas in other arenas, like the effect of automation on the need for manual labor, or AI and the need for intellectual labor, it feels more like a theoretical exercise that could use some updating. The romanticized ideals hold an appeal that speaks as loudly as ever, and the Dagny Taggart character deserves far more due in the lexicon of literature in my opinion. Is a book worth reading with an open mind. At the least it is a very interesting thought exercise and cautionary tale of a world on the brink of dystopia.

Other highlights of the month include going swimming, enjoying the early harvest(s) right from the farm/garden, and figuring out how to be more productive and true to my tasks at hand!

Stay creative my friends!
– CS

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