It’s a Jungle In Here

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AUGUST 2018 – Was an interesting month, and no, not in a bad way, haha. Went from vacation mode to working pretty much all the time, but it was a very fruitful stretch. Which is great, as I had a lot on the agenda in the office, and was able to hit all targets. Have been focused primarily on design work, both visual and conceptual which is cool. And I’ve rediscovered in the process, my love for architecture and building design. Which has captivated my attention and sent me directly to the library to snag a stack of books on building construction and green design. As with up to 40% of energy consumed on the planet being consumed by buildings, it seems an area ripe for efficiency and enhancement gains that will have a massive impact on the future.

Which as those that know me would say, that is right up my alley. So in my spare time I’ve been sketching building designs (specifically residential housing) and getting back into Autocad. I haven’t used that since school, so it is a bit of a journey back in time to fire it up and start outlining structures and shapes again, haha. We’ll see where this train of interest takes me in the coming months and years, but it is fertile territory for my creative mind and design sensibilities. And I find myself quite at home staring at drafted plans and researching R values for building materials and design techniques.

Banana Tree

Every so often I find that I’ve managed to adopt more house plants, or in this case a house tree (as seen above). This is a banana tree as a point of fact, and unlike my usual rescues, it is merely a temporary guest at my apartment, as it was salvaged from a compost heap by request of one of my friends. I’m endeavoring for it to have an enjoyable stay while it is here, and thankfully the warmth of Summer sunshine is keeping it happily content on the porch. As it would make quite a statement in my dining room (where it will be going next I suspect! haha).

The rest of my apartment is well ‘greened’ with other similar such rescue plants that I mostly know how to take good care of. Mostly. There is something so soothing and life affirming by being surrounded by things that grow and the shades of green one finds in nature.

Very much want to incorporate that sensibility into my future building design projects, as I think it is important to keep that connection with nature an ever present part of our daily lives. To not be so disconnected from the Earth beneath our feet.

So take a moment, stretch your legs, take a trek outside, breathe in the fresh air, and feel the natural world smiling back at you.

Cheers everyone!

~ CS

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