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SEPTEMBER 2020 – Continuing to pour energy into the new book project. Completed the third draft and have launched into a fourth as it is nearly where I want it before I am ready to share it with any test readers. Very curious to hear some feedback as I’ve read through it so many times that objectivity becomes difficult. As any novelty and mystery of the plot is obviously well passed awareness for me, haha. But general message is that I am very happy with the direction it is going and my enthusiasm for the project remains strong. Which is a great sign towards it being completed in a human timeline, haha.

End of Summer has produced some beautiful weather and opportunities to go hiking and explore. Did manage to take a road trip and do just that. There is something incredibly satisfying about racing up a mountain and reaching the summit and finding a remarkable view awaiting you. The endless horizon and rippling hills and valleys below is just glorious. I’ve read about multi day hikes up mountains where it takes two, three, sometimes even four days of climbing to reach the top. That must be on a whole other level. I would need to do a bit more training before I attempted that, versus my, hiking on a whim, strategy that I got going right now.

Have also found some of my old external hard drives so I decided that I would post a selection of my animation projects from my undergrad years on to the WaveGarden Arts YouTube channel. First one to go live has been my hand-drawn animated short experimental film ‘Calypso’s Song’. It features animals as the characters and an original story and voice acting by my art school classmates, haha. Have a couple more possibly that could be added in to the mix too. We’ll see!

This month I’ve been reading ‘The Good Life’ by Helen Nearing about her and her husband’s experience homesteading in rural Vermont. Is an interesting piece about being self-reliant and living off the land and leaving the city for the countryside. Felt relevant in today’s age as so many people have left the cities for greener pastures. I’ll have to look it up, but I wonder if you can visit their estate, as it is a work of Non-fiction and though they have since passed away, they built a lot of stone structures on their property.

Well, I best get back to editing. Have a book to finish! Catch you next time!

~ CS