Hand-drawn art remains a constant in the work of WaveGarden Arts. From its beginnings on the page in either ink or pencil, where the artwork goes from there varies depending on the project. Yet the core sensibilities is the same and the goal of creating work that serves the artistic purpose of the project. It is very much an integrated process that rarely involves specifically technology alone, there is almost always an organic component to the work. And as much as the digital realm has brought to the world of art, there is something special about applying the pencil to the page in a physical space that I keep coming back to. For me, there is no substitute.


Fox IllustrationFor all of the books under the WaveGarden Arts banner, they feature original stories and illustrations by C.S. Robadue. With a combination of chapter illustrations as well as full-page illustrations, it provides ample opportunity for creativity to spring to life. They are all black and white pencil drawings, made with a selection of pencils, both mechanical and otherwise. In an attempt to add further magic to the writing and spur on imagination. There is something perpetually delightful about original artwork combined with timeless tales.

HiddenEchoesAni6Digital Art & Animation

Even the digital work, such as the Adventures of August Winter webcomic series begins as pencil drawings. Before being inked, scanned into a computer, and then colored in digitally. Hybrid techniques abound as well, such as the animation work in short films like ‘Hidden Echoes’ or for the animated rescues scenes in ‘America’s Forgotten Heroine’. Which take hand-drawn elements, and then they are cut out in photoshop, and animated in a style similar to puppetry in Adobe After Effects.

There really is something special about pencil and paper and that is where all the¬†illustrations for ‘The Adventures of August Winter and the Blackstone Academy’ book started. With a great deal of those pieces in particular coming from real life subject matter, with the locations, and situational figure drawing. The major dividing break between the work is whether or not it is stylized towards a ‘cartoon-like’ look or more focused on being highly detailed and realistic. With the work breaking about fifty-fifty in either direction.

Design Work

Having that range gives WaveGarden Arts a breadth of possibilities to delve into any genre amongst a variety of media. With special attention currently towards illustration, graphic design, and animation. Look for more original pieces to come out from WaveGarden Arts in the coming seasons!

Stone Wall Artwork