DESIGNING THE FUTURE is an immense opportunity to match the best of current (and emerging) technology with an elegant artistic aesthetic sensibility. To create a building that lives as well as it is efficient, yet also is inspiring and in harmony with nature. WaveGarden Arts is entering this arena through designing green eco residential dwellings, to help create a more sustainable future.

Oak Pass House – Los Angeles : Noah Walker, Architect

PASSIVE HOUSE DESIGN is one key way to create homes that dramatically lower their carbon footprints. Siting a building in alignment with the sun, using design principles to retain energy, creating an air tight outer shell to keep in warm/cold air, and by having advanced mechanical systems within the home, are all ways to work towards a carbon neutral building goal. Add in renewable energy systems like solar, geothermal, or wind and you can achieve a net zero energy status. Where your home is producing as much energy as it needs to function for your family.


Carla House – Los Angeles : Walker & Pyatt, Architects

ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE, championed by American architect Frank Lloyd-Wright, is the concept of integrating nature and the human lived environment. I believe by living in harmony with the natural world, you can experience the best of what life has to offer. This comes in many facets, siting your building properly, incorporating the best native building materials, thinking of nature and how to bring it in to the home, and making sure that you are using sustainable building practices, protecting the air, water, and land throughout the construction process and beyond.