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DECEMBER 2021 – When I buy new books that will become a part of my permanent home library collection I always try and acquire a hardcover copy. Up until now that hasn’t been an option for my own personal writings as they were only ever available in paperback or as an e-book. Happily it is fantastic to be able to announce that hardcover copies of ‘The Adventures of August Winter’, ‘The Tao of Tula and Oslo’, and ‘Defending the Kingdom’ are now all available! Have been working on their development for several months and I recently received the finished versions of each and they look awesome. With cloth bound bindings they should last for decades in serviceable order and have all the trimmings of their paperback counterparts.

Pleased that the print registration of all of the copies came out well and that these are now available. Perhaps someday in the future I’ll be able to make editions that have dust jackets, but for now these are an excellent step in the right direction! If that does become possible, I’ll have to make separate cover art designs for those editions to distinguish between the versions, but also because my current designs make much more sense without dusk jackets. Having the textured material in the design, really works best as is, so I’m stoked to see them incorporated well in the new editions.

Just something about holding a hardcover book in your hands that fuels the imagination, I love it!

Going to be working on the website here more this month as time becomes available. As I’d really like to see it continue to grow and evolve. With a few new features already in mind to add. Here’s to a brilliant holiday season and I wanted to share with you all my excitement for hardcovers, haha.

Cheers all!

~ CS