Reading, Writing, and Hiking

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JULY 2015 – Finds me knee deep in the creative process! Piecing together the third draft of my next book and really getting my hands dirty with the editing and re-writes. Have made some big changes to the framing of the plot from the last draft that I see as elevating the storytelling. Which I like to think all goes in the readers favor [Which is a beautiful thing!] with more mystery and intrigue being woven in to the chapters.

Mountain Climbing AscentI’m sure the writing process has been compared to climbing a mountain before, and I see it as an apt comparison. This month I took that challenge literally and did just that! Feel as if I’ve stumbled onto a new passion as I so enjoyed the physicality of the climb as well as the rewarding views at the summit of the mountain.

For the climb that is the writing process, I’ve been setting daily goals for number of new pages to add and so forth. I tend to clock in three pages of writing on a good day. Not quite massive numbers by any calculation, but it is bankable and an enjoyable pace. There are no shortcuts and good things take time to develop.

Have snagged a few new books to read, with ‘Armada’ by Ernest Cline taking center stage at present. He wrote ‘Ready Player One’ which has been one of my favorite reads from a contemporary fiction author. As it has been pointed out to me many times, most of the works I read are by authors from ages long gone by, haha.

I am certainly looking for more current works to read, so if you have a favored title or author that you think I might enjoy checking out, by all means pass the good word along!

‘Travels’ by Michael Crichton also made its way off my reading list and on to my desk. Finished it last week and felt inspired with my intellectual curiosity further stoked. I relished the sections when he talked about his writing as they were scattered through the pages amidst anecdotes from his exploration of the world (hence the title ‘Travels’). Such a fascinating fellow that achieved an incredible amount in his lifetime.

Curious about the view from the summit? Here it is, enjoy, and may you discover many adventures of your own in the coming months!

Mountain Climbing Summit


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