10 Books to read as you savor the rest of summer

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SOUTH COUNTY INDEPENDENT – Newspaper here in Rhode Island deserves my thanks and kudos for including ‘The Adventures of August and the Blackstone Academy’ in their roundup of books by local authors. The list was included in the August 6th edition of the paper and I was quick to bike over and snag a copy of it on my way home from campus. Flipping through the paper one would discover the full color picture of The Adventures of August Winter cover on the front page of the ‘Arts & Living’ section.

Was a welcomed surprise to hear about the inclusion of my book through the grapevine and I very much appreciate the editors at the Independent for selecting it. Thank you!

August South County Independent nod

Have taken to the outdoors to breathe in inspiration for the coming weeks of writing and editing the new book I’m working on currently. Completed a fifty five plus mile (88 km) bike ride on Saturday, touring some of New England’s beautiful coastal and riverside locations. Plan on keeping that mojo going as far into the Fall as my resolve, plunging temperatures, and snowdrifts will allow. Enjoy the start to your respective weeks everyone, take care!

– CS

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