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SEPTEMBER 2015, last day of the month, high time for an update and the latest news from WaveGarden Arts. The return of Autumn and cooler temperatures has always seemed a natural launching point for hunkering down with material and editing. Have completed another draft of the new book project and it is shaping up quite nicely. There will not doubt be multiple rounds of further edits (and it hasn’t yet made its way in to the hands of my editor, but I’m really looking forward to that and getting an initial reaction to the text!!). Feel this story needs a little more time in this sort of cocoon stage to spin and form.

Have been enjoying green tea mornings, reading a bit of science fiction (‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir, excellent read), and revisiting some old friends and mantras through watching a handful of James Bond movies.

Narragansett Bay

Once the ‘finished’ draft of the new book has been sent off to my editor I’m going to switch focus and work on the illustrations. Like in ‘The Adventures of August Winter and the Blackstone Academy’ I plan on having small chapter heading illustrations as well as full page scenes. The more custom details in books the better as far as I’m concerned. As it is all a form of art to me, everything hidden in place perfectly, that creates an experience and a sharing of vision and imagination. It’s a beautiful thing when done well.

Have some imagery in mind, but I’ve only selected maybe half of the chapter images thus far (in terms of creating my own notes and lists for what to draw). So a lot of the finer points are still very much in play. That will be an undertaking for October and beyond, now the focus remains on the writing and editing.

Thanks for stopping by and catching up, feel free to comment, and offer up some Fall insights of your own!

– CS

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