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JANUARY 2016 – Not sure why I always wait until the very last minute to write new posts here, haha. But it always seems to happen that way! Since it has been a full month since we last talked I imagine one might think that all kinds of progress has happened and I’ve completed the book and it is off to the printer for duplication. Well…. not quite, haha. Has been a rather busy stretch in the office, so I haven’t dedicated as much time as I might have wished to writing/editing. Which is very much where I need to be to catapult the project over the walls of procrastination.

Have gone for some excellent hikes in recent weeks, which for anyone out there doing any writing or creative work, I’d highly recommend it during the creative process or even when you get in a slump and can’t seem to get anything down on the page. A blizzard even crashed the New England party and offered up some awesome hikes, which made familiar landscapes feel brand new. Wish I had my camera for that!

Big River Management AreaDid have it for a separate earlier hike to what I would describe as Rhode Island’s very own bizarre miniature desert. As the photo attests, it is a striking location (with ample seating, haha) and was great to stroll the rolling hills of sand for an hour or so. While dodging golf balls, as there was a fellow working on his game who didn’t seem too concerned that he wasn’t the only person there, haha.

Did devote quite a few evenings to reading and want to throw out a nod to author (and well known actor) Ethan Hawke for his excellent recent release ‘Rules for a Knight’. Very much enjoyed every page of it, is an anecdotal series of life lessons that reminded me a bit of Paulo Coelho’sĀ ‘The Alchemist’ as a point of reference for anyone interested in giving it a read. The illustrations struck a chord with me as well with their delicate black and white stylings.

That is the latest from me my friends! Will be the end of the month againĀ before I know it and I’ll have to scramble to write another one of these. But until then, stay awesome!

– CS

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