A Time for Contemplation

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DECEMBER 2015 – End of the year, when thoughts turn to reflection and curiosity for the days to come. Which is certainly something that I don’t strictly reserve for the last week of December, as I tend to favor a more daily approach to such enterprises, haha. However, in the spirit of the season, I would very much like to thank everyone for their wonderful support, encouragement, and enthusiasm towards the creative work that WaveGarden Arts shared with the world these past twelve months.

CS Robadue ContemplationIt has been a wonderful year creativity, highlighted (for me personally) with the release of my first book, ‘The Adventures of August Winter and the Blackstone Academy’. Being able to complete that and share it with such a generous and thoughtful audience as I have had the good fortune to attract, has been most excellent. Have been so appreciative of all the encouragement and it only continues to fuel my interest in creating new, thoughtful, and exciting works to bring to the literary landscape.

Given the nature of these posts, I want to include an update on the status of current projects in development. Well, the next book is far beyond the developmental stages, in fact illustrations are already being drawn and rounds of editing of the text has already taken place. After receiving some apt notes from my editor, I will be doing a bit of a re-write surrounding one of the major characters. Additionally, focusing on re-visiting some of the body text and changing the style of the earlier chapters. Which read slightly differently than later entries in the same book.

Very much want to spill some details about the book, and will take this opportunity to do so! Essentially the story is about humanity’s relationship with nature, which is a large topic, and I’ve taken it to a very human scale. With the crux of the story involving a boy who inherits an estate in the country from his grandfather where mysterious/magical things happen!

Would like to release some promo art for the project when it gets closer to launch. I’ll certainly have that here on the website when it is ready to debut. Looking to make the images for this new book much more detailed and stylized than the last. As I want it to have less of a cartoon sort of feel and more grounded in reality (which is a term I use extremely loosely given that there is magical elements at play!) and full of definition and texture. Will still be black and white, which is quite enjoyable to work in for me, so I have no problem with that ‘restriction’.

May your 2016 be full of growth, success, good fortune, and more than a hint of whimsy!

– CS

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