There Is Always Rocks

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AUGUST 2016 – Wheels are turning, boxes filled, and a new semester starting. Has been an extremely busy handful of weeks, full of moving, and keeping on top of things at the office. Gearing up to make a major push forward with the new book as it has remained off the to-do list in favor of other obligations. That is all changing, very, very, very soon. My wonderful editor is only two chapters away from completing a full cover to cover edit of the book, which is fantastic. I have about three more illustrations to get down on paper. So despite the continued creative doldrums (outside of ‘work’ work) that I am presently in, there is still plenty to celebrate.

Rocky ShorelineIn the midst of all this I have been doing a lot of reading. Socking away words and a desire to join the chorus of storytellers that have given so much to the world. I read another Brandon Sanderson book since last entry, a spin-off of the Mistborn series. Was also handed the book ‘The Name of the Wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss from my friend who had recommended the Mistborn series. Saying that “I have to read it” haha. Only a handful of chapters in, thus far I’d say he is quite right (haven’t told him this yet, of course, haha).

Once I’m settled back in with everything in September, I intend to really hit the ground running, err writing, err illustrating. Next few months are going to be a full on creative press. Looking forward to it!

– CS

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