The Name of the Wind

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SEPTEMBER 2016 – Been a stretch since my last post and in that intervening time I have been working rather feverishly on the new book. Which is always news that I’m thrilled to be able to report back. Have become quite settled in my apartment and even changed offices at work, so yea, life has been quite productive the last handful of weeks. Lots of detailed editing continues on the production front as I did a complete cover-to-cover full edit of the book before turning it back to the capable hands of my editor for another round of notes.


This won’t be the last round of edits, as these pursuits are cyclical and I have at least one more complete read through and editing storm in me for the latest title to be penned from my imagination. With this window of time I have a few weeks to really put a lot more into the illustrations themselves. As for every bit of additional editing that takes place in the text, I want to see additional detail added to the drawings and make them all the richer for the effort.

As I mentioned last month, I had started reading ‘The Name of the Wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss. I have since finished it and found it to be an exceptional work of fiction. The delight generated in his warm and enigmatic storytelling is palpable, with the main character, Kvothe, typifying this momentum. The near 700 pages of the book went by so quickly and I’m keen to pick up with the Chronicler in the sequels as I believe it is a trilogy of over 2000 pages all told. For fans of the genre (Fantasy) it is a must read in my estimation.

Flipping genres entirely, I’m now reading ‘A Brief History of Time’ by Stephen Hawking. It has long been on my reading list, and a recent screening of the film ‘The Theory of Everything’ launched it to the top of the list.

Putting a lot of time into my pursuits lately and I hope to have more to share in the coming weeks. As the year feels to be closing out as fast as a lead weight down a hill in one of Galileo’s experiments! Thanks as always for checking in with my progress and I welcome emails and book/film recommendations.


– CS

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  1. Hello Christopher, I enjoyed reading your September entry. I read Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” many years ago and found it awe-inspiring.

  2. ‘A Brief History of Time’ has really stuck with me since reading it. Find myself pondering the night sky, our (often specifically my, haha) place in the Universe, as it certainly puts the struggles of daily life in perspective! Hard to imagine different frames of time, but I do enjoy appreciating all the breakthroughs that have taken place in human history to get us to our current understanding of reality.

    Thanks for the comment, very much appreciated 🙂
    – CS

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