Wandering Forward

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MAY 2017 – Sorting out how I feel about it pretty much already being Summer (this is what a University academic schedule does to you, skews your seasons out of proportion, haha) and realizing that it is already mountain climbing time! That part I’m very okay with. And what a difference a handful of weeks makes, as the world has gone from gray to green and grandly so. Flowers, thunderstorms, leaves, hungry caterpillars, it is all on offer now that May has taken over the scene.

Still sitting on the sidelines of the writing for my next book, been so focused on other avenues that I haven’t put anything to paper in weeks. Feeling a bit guilty about this as the weather is so good (in stretches, haha) and I need to hop on my bike, ride to the ocean, and sit and ponder ideas! Will remedy this, as the brainstorming part of the creative process is the most fun part, for me at least! I like dreaming up ideas and then leaving them for future me to piece together and turn into a compelling story, haha. Take that future self!! [Jump ahead in the news postings to six months from now and see how I feel about this, grrr!!! :)]

Nature Preserve

Have checked out some new trails here in Rhode Island, so I’m not entirely focused on work ‘work’ goals and practical life pursuits (new digs!). I should do more of this and then post additional nature photos you say? That can be arranged, will be more of that this Summer for certain. Going for long walks really helps boost creativity in my experience and gives the mind time to wander along with your feet.

Continuing to read a lot and I’m 500+ pages into ‘Leviathan Wakes’ by James S. A. Corey (a pen name for a duo of scifi writers) after it came highly recommended to me by one of my friends. Has lived up to its billing and I suspect the thrills won’t stop as I wind down the last sixty odd pages of that. Not sure how I’m going to follow up this fine bit of door stopper fiction, but I have a stack of books to choose from on my bureau, so we’ll see!

Thanks for stopping by the site and look for more updates in the near future!

– CS

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