Thinking Green

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APRIL 2017 – Hello friends! How is everyone doing as we here in the Northern Hemisphere rain our way into Spring? Well I hope! Want to congratulate the winner of the Goodreads ‘The Tao of Tula and Oslo’ giveaway! Their copy of the book was signed and mailed out some weeks back and (according to USPS, haha) arrived at its destination. Looking forward to sharing the book with more readers in the comings month as well and would consider another giveaway at some point potentially.

Right now my mind has already turned to a new writing project, which you could call book #3 if you are keeping score at home, haha. I have been keeping notes of ideas for the book, which is one of three books that I have in mind to write, so plenty of potential kicking around. It isn’t a sequel to ‘The Adventures of August Winter and the Blackstone Academy’ but that will be on the horizon at some point too, so don’t despair! As a new writer I’m keen to try out different genres and this new project will be a bit different from my past efforts.

Salt Marshes


Nature remains a constant in my leisure time as I went hiking this past weekend in Connecticut through some Salt Marshes (which you can see a glimpse of here). Not much was in bloom yet and only a hint of green was beginning to make its presence known. This area will be completely transformed in a matter of short weeks. Saw a few bird watchers out with large camera lens and a few other folks just taking in the beautiful mild weather and fresh air.

Have been reading another Tamora Pierce book, ‘Beka Cooper Terrier’ in Pierce’s Tortall Universe. After this I see myself reading another classic and then some YA or Juvenile Fiction books perhaps. Haven’t totally decided yet!

– CS

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