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OCTOBER 2017 – The spookiest time of year? Ehhh, perhaps. I rather lament the fact that I didn’t read a scary John Bellairs book this month, note to self, do that next year, haha. I’ve always meant to read more of Stephen King’s works as well, and this would have been the time of year to do it. I really admire his writing style, where he is able to set the stage and then write books effectively blind from there without creating an outline. Just take interesting characters, place them in an intriguing setting, and see what happens. While it sounds like the directions on the back of a cake mix for writing, it takes a tremendous amount of creativity, imagination, and confidence to approach the process this way. Though I suspect a lot of people who go into NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month in November) go with this style, as it is pretty much the glorious canon ball approach to writing a book. And I really admire that.

SailboatHow was everyone’s Halloween? Has been quite warm here in Rhode Island and more weather for hiking than trick or treating. But hey, I’ll take it! Went out to some of the islands here to see the last of the sailboats of the season before everyone takes them out of the water until the Springtime. I love days like this, the air coming off the water is always so revitalizing. Hard to top being out on the ocean!

This month I did get in some quality time reading as I stumble forward in my Goodreads reading challenge for this year, haha. My book appetite always seems to exceed the amount of time I actually set aside to enjoy reading. Oops. Dug back into some pure page turning Clive Cussler goodness this month and read his collaboration with Paul Kemprecos ‘Lost City’. A very fun read with some adrenaline charged moments and European exploration, just the way I like this brand of escapism. Did have me googling pictures of glaciers in the alps, to compare them against what I was envisioning in my imagination.

Hope the change in seasons has been treating everyone grandly, thanks for stopping by!

– CS

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