No Lifeguard On Duty

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NOVEMBER 2017 – Enter the busiest time of year. Been working on a major extra project at work that had a hard deadline this month and it pretty much completely absorbed all of my time and creative efforts. Happily it came out awesome and is now complete, whew! I’ve been living inside of photoshop and the other digital software tool platforms that I use daily. Is the first of a series of larger projects that I’m tackling in my life outside of the literary world and it is nice to kick off the first one on a positive note. Trade off has been several fold, the first being that I have hardly seen the sun in weeks, but I’ll remedy this in short order. Is it Spring yet? No? Doh.

2nd Beach SurfingIsn’t going to stop me from going to the beach though. Does this count as seeing the sun? I’m counting it. Tropical storms have brought us some pretty impressive surf this month, that’s for sure.

Only ever so slightly late to the party, I read ‘Origin’ by Dan Brown this month. Which is the fifth in his series of tales featuring Robert Langdon (Yup, have read them all). Spain is the setting for this newest adventure (I don’t think that counts as a spoiler…) which was exciting and new territory for the good professor. Certainly makes me want to go visit there as I’ve never been. I really enjoy the travel/history aspect of the series, adds so much to it for me. As like many other fans of the genre, I am constantly researching right along with the protagonists in the book. So thanks for the crash course in Spanish art Dan Brown, haha.

That’s all I got for you guys this month, check back later for more!

– CS


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