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FEBRUARY 2018 – Would like to welcome you all to, Introverts For Nature! Have long wanted to find a way to give back and help the environment, both locally, and globally. While I really wanted to volunteer and contribute, I also found that when I wasn’t at work, spending time with family and friends, I needed a chance to decompress and spend time alone. As that has always been how I’ve been able to center myself and recharge as many people describe it. I suspect I’m not alone in this combination of interests, where you want to do something, and be a part of a bigger movement and help, but also be able to do it in a way that allows you to spend time in nature and give back without any other stipulations. Thus the idea of Introverts For Nature was formed!

What it means to each person can be totally different, with the only basic concept being that you spend two hours a month towards doing something positive for nature and the environment. And that can be in any form that you choose! I strongly believe in the power and capacity of accumulated affects, whether it be goals for your health, finances, work, relationships, etc. Building towards the future is incredibly valuable and consistency and dedication make it all possible. As little sustained efforts over days, weeks, months, and years can have incredible results.

Introverts For Nature - First Haul

Many of you probably already saw that I added a ‘Nature’ tab to the website, which has information on ‘Introverts For Nature’. I’ll be chronicling my journey with it on the site here and on a new twitter account I established (@introverteering) for the sole purpose of helping to raise awareness for the concept and maybe even inspiring other people to spend time helping nature. Thus far I have done trash pickups, the haul above was from my initial efforts of picking up trash near a local nature center and from the street in front of my home. No reason you can’t start cleaning up the world by cleaning up your own neighborhood! Think global, act local, right? I found I felt very good afterward and the are by the pond and nature center looked so much better post cleanup. I’d definitely recommend gloves, as I didn’t bring any my first go and that was a mistake, haha.

Introverts For Nature requires nothing to start, just make a commitment to yourself to spend a morning, afternoon, evening, or night once a month to do something positive for the Earth! It’s that simple. You are welcome to share your experience with others on the twitter page, or enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you can and are making a difference! Little changes over time can work wonders, I strongly believe that! It’s how I write books, one page a time. And no, you don’t have to be an introvert to contribute, I just wanted to show people that even by yourself you can volunteer and be part of a larger movement! Working independently together could be further leveraged if people want to start their own local ‘chapters’ of Introverts For Nature and coordinate online to target cleanups for certain areas and work on it independently and have the cumulative effect be amplified by multiple efforts, it’s all possible.

Thanks as always for stopping by, feel free to ask any questions and consider spending some time helping nature, I found it to make me feel incredibly good after!

– CS

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