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FEBRUARY 2019 – Long hours seems to go hand-in-hand with this time of year, as the cold weather, lack of sunlight, and increased activity levels on campus gives numerous reasons to spend more time behind a computer screen and not outdoors. Taking it in stride and seeing a corresponding increase in productivity as well to go along with my strained eyes and dreams of warm white sand beaches, haha. Deploying a lot of new computer hardware at the office and pondering further tech upgrades for my home office setup. I tend to try and get the absolute most utility out of all my devices and equipment, with modest upgrades, streamlined hardware installs, and vocalized words of encouragement keeping my PCs in the game longer than the average tech life cycle.

For writers, it is an awesome time to be alive, given the immense ease to work on the go. Whether your tools of the trade be a laptop, pad of paper and pen, tablet, phone, voice recorder, or clay tablets, everything is at your finger tips. I still favor early drafts and journaling in paper, before turning the efforts over to the digital realm. Which is good, because as noted my day job keeps me in front of a computer screen for extended hours daily.

That is one of the biggest challenges of being creative digitally, although who am I kidding, painting the Sistine Chapel and laying on scaffolding painting for months on end, must have been wayyy more physically taxing. Or chiseling sculptures out of marble, there is always an exchange in the creative process.

Notebook of ideas for my third book continues to grow, still a ways off from switching mediums, but I’m happy with how it is going.

Finished reading another fairly lengthy book, ‘Caliban’s War’ by James S. A. Corey, which I had mentioned previously working on. The intrigue in the solar system has definitely grown, considerably, in this, the second book in the Expanse series. I’m still partial to the first book ‘Leviathan’s wake’ as I loved the pacing and character development in that book, but this was a fun follow-up. I’m going to let the sci-fi genre sit for a bit before picking up the sequel, as there are multiple additional entries in the Expanse series already written, so no waiting on the authors in this instance, haha.

Hope all is going brilliantly for everyone, remember, keep your motherboards dust free, your ram physical (not downloaded, haha), and your winter’s eves cozy!

Take care!

~ CS

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